[MIXTAPE] DJ Mensa – Amy, Amy, Amy: A Letter to Ms. Winehouse

[MIXTAPE] DJ Mensa – Amy, Amy, Amy: A Letter to Ms. Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is hands down one of my favorite vocalists of all time. Her music was on another level and will always be considered timeless. Even though it’s been over a year since she passed, her music will forever live on. I came across this amazing mix by Toronto’s DJ Mensa and just had to post. Mensa shares his on thoughts on this incredible artist below:

About a year ago, I was askedd to make a tribute mix in the wake of the death of Amy Winehouse. I obliged, but withheld the release so as to get some perspective from the initial reaction of her death until now.

A couple words I wrote last year on Amy’s impact and contributions to music:

Since her debut in 2003 and worldwide breakthrough in 2006, Amy Winehouse had established herself as a polarizing figure in the music world. While pop went electronic, Amy took solace in the warmth of lo-fi and live arrangements. When auto-tune was slowly reared its ugly head, Amy powered through the mediocrity with her grandiose vocals. Where other female artists were stripping for airtime, Amy revealed herself through lyric and song.

Backed by the timeless Dap-Tones sound, and forward thinking producers Salaam Remi & Mark Ronson sharing her vision, Amy could do no wrong in the studio.

Her public life, however, was marred with folly and ill-fated decisions. The lifestyle she chose was being played out for all to see and speak on. Amy harvested her content from the darkest of sources, sources that ultimately took its toll on her physical well being. The artistic integrity she fought to retain in her music will be her crowning achievement in the face of a music industry going in an entirely different direction. Her stark honesty, dark wit, and undeniable talent set the stage for generations of singers after her.

While those in the peanut gallery chose to focus on her missteps in marriage and vice, her diehard followers favored her words and voice. With that, I offer this tribute showcasing Ms. Winehouse at her best, lyrically, vocally, and personally.



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