Ladies Love Lyrics: OutKast’s Spottieottiedopaliscious

Ladies Love Lyrics: OutKast’s Spottieottiedopaliscious

I remember when I first heard OutKast’s Spottieottiedopaliscious it was one of the most epic instrumentals I had ever heard. I had the beginning of the song on repeat! It made me shake my hips and pop my butt to a very slow, sensual rhythm. I wondered why DJs didn’t play this track in the club. It’s such a classic. Eventually, I got past the horns of the beat to the lyrics where I heard Andre 3000’s and Big Boi’s words. I was shocked. They were so profound and beautiful with an eerie, dark undertone. Somehow, everything blended perfectly. Of course, OutKast would be the geniuses that brought together two opposing vibes into such harmony. I still want to grab ahold of a dude and wine up on him like the rent’s due tomorrow when I hear this song, but I simultaneously hope that he’d listen to lyrics carefully and learn a whole lot.

Damn damn damn James

A reference to Florida Evans’ line from the sitcom Good Times.

[Sleepy Brown]

Dickie shorts & Lincoln’s clean
leanin’ checking out the scene

Preparing for a night out, Sleepy’s Dickie slacks and Lincoln car are both clean. He’s trying to figure out what moves he’s going to make for the night.

Gangsta bullets blizzes lit ridin’ out talkin’ sh*t

I find with young men, they usually cruise around in a car until they figure out what they’re going to do for the night. Usually this involves hollering at pedestrian women like fools for sh*ts and giggles.

N*gga where you wanna go?
You know the club don’t close ’til four

The night is young. I’ll never forget an ex of mine saying “let’s make a move.”

let’s party ’til we can’t no more
Watch out here come the folks

They’re ready to get completely sh*t-faced tonight.

As the plot thickens it gives me the dickens
Reminiscent of Charles a lil disco-tech
nestled in the ghettoes of N*ggaville, USA

This verse is a play on words referencing both the classic English writer Charles Dickens (Great Expectations, Oliver Twist) and a club known as the Charles Disco located in Atlanta, Georgia. It is said that Charles Disco was a key player in the evolution of the night life in what we presently refer to as ‘Hotlanta.’ Andre is discussing how he is overcome with an uneasy feeling when he reminisces of such things. Dre chooses to use a word I would never use, but in case you’re wondering why he chose to do so, I’ll say this: Altanta is also referred to as the ‘Black Hollywood,’ because over 50% of its population is African American and it has also been home to Black A-List celebrities such as Usher and the late, magnificent Whitney Houston.

via Atlanta, Georgia a lil spot where
young men & young women go to experience
they first lil taste of the nightlife

In Canada, you can (legally) hit the club at 19. I know our neighbours down South are legal at 21. Either way, the minute you can legally enter a nightclub and not have to worry about fake I.D.s or getting caught and embarrassed, well that’s an exciting time. If you’re a party girl (or boy) such as myself, you’ll remember just how amazing those first few club nights were. You get dolled up (often in skimpy dresses, sky high heels and too much perfume), you can still get tipsy off the light stuff pretty easily and all the boys that want to dance with you seem like Prince Charming. Once the magic wears off its never quite the same though.

Me? Well I’ve never been there, well perhaps once
But I was so engulfed in the Old “E”
I never made it to the door you speak of hardcore

Remember how I said in the beginning that it’s fairly easy to get tipsy off the light stuff? Well, you soon graduate from wine coolers to cocktails to Henny followed by four consecutive shots of Cuervo to the face and sometimes even that doesn’t have an effect. This is why people pre-game. Liquor at the club is fairly expensive for the watered down over-ice garbage you get (and sometimes they even refill top shelf liquors with the cheaper stuff), so why not take matters into your own hands? In Andre’s case though, he overdid it. Too much Olde English quickly turns into sloppy behavior (which is why I highly recommend y’all stay away from malt liquor) and if you show up to the club drunk, they will not let you in.

while the DJ sweatin’ out all the problems
and the troubles of the day

I’m very picky about my DJs. I need the perfect blend of old school joints mixed with brand new soon-to-be (hopefully) classics and they all need to have a dope ass beat with heavy bass that causes my hips to lose control. A really good DJ is not only more therapeutic, but also far more economical than a psychiatrist. I’ve had some God-awful weeks that have been damn near wiped from memory, because the week ended with me dancing so hard my soul got tired. Thanks to the DJs who knew how to make my heart flutter and my booty twerk.

While this fine bow-legged girl fine as all outdoors
lulls lukewarm lullabies in your left ear

I mean, I’ve never viewed bow-legged women (or men) as having a particularly sexy trait, but apparently her strut must have been mean. And she obviously has a way with words. As she whispers what I can only imagine to be a mixture of nasty and sweet words in Dre’s ear, the tickle of her warm breath sends him under her spell.

competing with “Set it Off,” in the right
But it all blends perfectly let the liquor tell it
“Hey hey look baby they playin’ our song”

Assuming Andre is referring to Strafe’s song Set it Off, the mixture of homegirl’s voice and a song, which apparently seems to be theirs (either from time or something that’s been recently established) it all becomes a blissful concoction. Alcohol does that sometimes. More often than not it results in devastating pitfalls, but sometimes it lets you see life as this glossy, beautiful thing.

And the crowd goes wild as if
Holyfield has just won the fight

The crowd is pretty hyped as if Evander Holyfield, the people’s champ won a boxing match.

But in actuality it’s only about 3 A.M.
and three n*ggas just don’ got hauled
off in the ambulance [sliced up]
two n*ggas don’ start bustin’ [wham wham]
and one n*gga don’ took his shirt off talkin’ ’bout
“Now who else wanna f*ck with Hollywood Court?”

The vibe of the song thus far has been pretty mellow. Andre paints us a picture of a liquor-infused night that will most likely end in some drunk sex, but its not all free love. Time’s gone by and even though it’s “only” 3 in the morning, the bar should be closed by now (last call in my neck of the woods is 2 a.m.). Somehow, three young men have ended up injured, with stab wounds and are now being driven away in an ambulance. There are two that are about to brawl and one man fearlessly asking who wants to mess with Hollywood Court (his place of residence), a low-rise government subsidized housing area located in the ATL.

It’s just my interpretation of the situation

Obviously Dre was slizzard. He admits this was his own personal recount of that night. He alleviates himself of all responsibility to tell a realistic account because the alcohol makes it damn near impossible.

[Big Boi]
When I first met my Spottieottiedopaliscious Angel
I can remember that damn thing like yesterday
The way she moved reminded me of a Brown Stallion
horse with skates on smooth like a hot comb
on nappy ass hair

As you’ll read later on in the lyrics, Big Boi seems to be referring to the mother of his children. He was obviously very taken aback when he first met her because the memory stays fresh in his mind. The following similes do sound a little odd but OutKast has always been known for being super trippy with their lyrics. I’m not really into comparing women to farm animals (or any animals for that matter), but what I gather from this is that she had strong thighs and legs like a stallion, she’s covered in beautiful brown skin and she carries herself in a very graceful manner (even though I’m pretty sure a horse on skates would break its legs).

I walked up on her and was almost paralyzed
her neck was smelling sweeter
than a plate of yams with extra syrup

You can most certainly tell Big Boi is a man of the South who enjoys his soul food. This woman is also a Southern Belle as her scent is sweeter than candied yams (a sweet tasting dish).

eyes beaming like four karats apiece just blindin’ a n*gga
felt like I chiefed a whole O of that Presidential

Her eyes shine brightly like four karat diamonds and her mere presence makes Big Boi feel like high.
“Chiefed” means smoked and “O of that Presidential” refers to an ounce of Presidential Kush. What he’s actually feeling is a rush of Dopamine, which in my opinion is the best high of all.

My heart was beating so damn fast
never knowing this moment would bring another
life into this world

Obviously Big Boi was very anxious about being around this lady. I mean, rejection really sucks when you’re so immersed into another person. He didn’t seem to know what was going to go down, but he ends up getting lucky. He consummates his relationship with this beautiful woman and brings forth another life into this world.

Funny how sh*t come together sometimes [ya dig]
One moment you frequent the booty clubs &
the next four years you & somebody’s daughter

raisin’ y’all own young’n now that’s a beautiful thang

I remember telling my mother I’d never get tired of clubbing. I told her that if I could, I’d live in the club. I came from a woman who herself had ‘Saturday Night Fever.’ She told me that every Friday she left work early to go buy a new dress to hit up the discothèque the following night. And then she said “one day, in my late twenties suddenly I was like ‘why is this music so loud?’ ‘Why is there so much smoke?’ ‘God everyone looks so stupid jumping up and down in this seizure-inducing strobe light.’” And she never went back. This seems to have happened to Big Boi too (although I absolutely refuse to let it happen to myself). You spend your youth (for the most part) going buck wild and you’re under the impression that you’ll be young forever. Then one day things start to change. You settle down. Things that once excited you no longer do the trick because you’ve branched out and matured and found interest in other pursuits. Usually its family. I don’t know if I’ll ever agree with Big Boi, but I know a lot of people do. Family is a beautiful thing.

that’s if you’re on top of your game
Yes, yes family can be beautiful. But you’ve got to be emotionally mature and financially stable or else things will get real difficult and frustrating right quick.

and man enough to handle real life situations [that is]
Can’t gamble feeding baby on that dope money

Being a parent involves responsibility. You’ve got to be the most responsible person in that child’s life. And even though children eventually grow to realize that their parents’ are humans, not demi-gods, who make mistakes that they are forgiven for, you can’t go around making obvious, conscious mistakes. Spending grocery money on drugs? That’s a big old no-no.

might not always be sufficient but the
United Parcel Service & the people at the Post Office
didn’t call you back because you had cloudy piss

9-5 jobs (depending on what they are) are more often than not stressful and yield less than stellar paychecks. We all want to be millionaires. But you do what you’ve got to do to get by and support your family and sometimes that involves working at the UPS instead of whatever it was you dreamed of doing as a child. These jobs require a certain level of commitment, hence the drug tests. Cloudy piss means you’ve been doing some stuff which if I’m not mistaken, results in an automatic suspension or termination.

So now you back in the trap just that, trapped

‘The Trap’ is Southern slang for a place (and not the kind defined by geographical boundaries) in which dealers sell their product, whatever it may be. It’s often glorified in the media and has even brought Trap Muzik in fruition, but think about that word. Trap. A bad situation; no way out. Once you’ve journeyed off the straight and narrow, its hard to get back on the righteous path (sorry if it sounds like I’m preaching). The fact remains that blemishes on your criminal record and failed drug tests lead employers to believe you’re an undesirable candidate, even if you yourself are a wonderful person.

Go on and marinate on that for a minute

As mentioned earlier, Big Boi spit a bunch of heavy stuff in the previous bars. Knowledge. Life is meant to be enjoyed but it ain’t no joke. Think about what you’re doing with yourself and make conscious decisions. It can make the world of a difference. Goals, ambition and a turbo-strong work ethic can take you from being a Regular Joe to being Joe Millionaire.

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