[INTERVIEW] In Conversation w/ Lola Plaku :: PT. 4

[INTERVIEW] In Conversation w/ Lola Plaku :: PT. 4

Bad Perm: It’s refreshing to see someone that isn’t complaining. I find people denounce the music a lot and they’re not even an artist so it’s like, could you even make a song?

Lola Plaku: I was listening to old school stuff recently. My friend was playing old school Vanilla Ice and she was just playing some old, old music that I wasn’t into and I was playing Back That Azz Up, Juvenile, Hot Boyz, YoungBloodZ, Lil’ Jon and Lil’ Scrappy, some old Atlanta stuff. I enjoy that. I enjoy that as much as I enjoy the entire Chief Keef album, as much as I enjoy listening to Tupac, as much as I enjoy listening to Biggie or as much as I enjoy listening to a Jay Z album beginning to end. For me it’s about what you like as a listener – you could be media, you could work at a label, you could just be a fan at home – there’s really no difference in how you hear the music. You can judge it with your head but in your heart you either like something or you don’t.

If I can say one thing that I dislike about the music release process is that artists are so focused on releasing music to stay relevant among all the new artists popping up that a lot of times I don’t get a chance to discover as much as I want to or to listen to all the projects coming out. If each artist is putting out three mixtapes a year multiply that by all the artists out now in all the subgenres of hip hop and add all the remixes being released and that equeals a ton of stuff so sometimes new good people fall under the radar and that sucks.

BP: Well the Millennial generation’s certainly been criticized for not being able to pay attention for long or even paying attention to the wrong things. They’ve also been accused for their sense of entitlement and retaining positions they’re not qualified for. 

LP: Nowadays everybody’s a blogger and everybody’s a publicist and everybody’s a PR rep. or a promoter or a manager or a “personality” or “tastemaker” of some sort. I feel that a lot of people gain notoriety by who they’re seen around as opposed to the amount of work they do and I would just like to see more people who put in the actual work to deliver a project. For example, people will make a magazine that is downloadable online in PDF format and all of a sudden they have a publication. Somebody will say that they’re an artist’s manager but they don’t know the first thing about managing someone’s schedule, shows, personal life, professional relationships, endorsement deals, record distributions, booking, attorneys, etc.

Having access to Internet and having access to so many things like Twitter, Instagram, Vine and whatever else is out there to connect people with one another, have made a lot of people feel entitled to a title but they don’t necessarily deserve that title – they don’t have any work behind it. I think people should be able to put in the effort that is required for them to deliver. I don’t see a lot of delivering. I see a lot of people being around but not really doing anything.

I’m so glad that you researched me all the way back to TDotWire and you’ve seen my journey from then on. But a lot of people don’t know what I do. They just stumble up on my Instagram and see that I’m around a lot of artists and they think my job is to just “be around artists.” I actually don’t like just being around. Anyone that knows me, knows I like to just stay home and work.

I’d rather have my work speak for itself and be the reason why people want to work with me or be around me or be associated with me, rather than because of who I know or who I’m around.

BP: Even though you just finished explaining that you don’t like talking about what you’re going to be doing, I have to ask what’s next for iLuvLola and more importantly, what’s next for Lola herself?

LP: It’s simple, I want to bring on the right people to join our team that can deliver and expand iLuvLola so that we can eventually take over the world. [Laughs]

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