Grand Analog – ‘Modern Thunder’ CD Release

Grand Analog – ‘Modern Thunder’ CD Release

For Toronto band Grand Analog, this week’s album release of Modern Thunder comes with a feeling of déjà vu, but this time around they have earned their title as the most sought after artists worldwide – and I don’t even think I need to say that their album dropping has been highly anticipated. 

Formed in 2006, the Canadian band consists of lead vocalist Odario Williams and brother DJ Ofield along bassist Warren Bray, keyboardist Alister Johnson and drummer TJ Garcia. The self proclaimed ‘beat junkies’ elegantly mix everything from funk, rap, rock n roll, soul and reggae to craft their music and have worked with Canadians artists such as Shad, The Darcy’s, Maiko Watson and A Tribe Called Red to name a few.

The first CD release of Modern Thunder back in August caught the attention of Canadian audiences with their summer hit “Lion Head” which kept at #1 on Ear-Shot’s hip-hop charts for nearly two months. The single also got the band nominated for CBC’s Bucky Award for best beat.

Grand Analog will now have Modern Thunder released through Feel Up Records, a Brooklyn label founded by Major Lazer’s very own Jillionaire. It is to be the first album release of the new American label and will most defiantly bring greater exposure of the band to the U.S.

Their eclectic mix of musical styles and unbelievably raw live performances put Grand Analog on Canadian hip hop watch, earning their praise as ‘Hip hops new folklore.’

For a taste of the new album, check out our Bad Perm favorite ‘The Greate Rhyme Dropper’ ft. Shad via YouTube.

You can also check out their website  for the latest music or info on upcoming shows, or you can follow them @GrandAnalog

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