[INTERVIEW] In Conversation w/ The Comeback Season Kids :: Pt. 4

[INTERVIEW] In Conversation w/ The Comeback Season Kids :: Pt. 4

BP: How do you choose the guests that come in?

Ronnice: I feel like we never really need too much.

Xander: Yeah! Like realistically, you choose the guest based on strategy. And our strategy is I would say untraditional, but someone else could have done this 20 years ago. I don’t know. The way we choose them is we strategize and we figure out what will be fun and what will be a little different… anybody can bring an act down.

Ronnice: And honestly, we’re not going around being like, ‘let’s bring Jay-Z down.’ Anyone can fucking get the money to bring Jay-Z down.

Xander: Anyone who has the money and the account.

Ronnice: Its like, people that we feel like will really enjoy the party. We’re not out there just thinking about anyone. I think A$AP Yams will really enjoy the party. I think Whoo Kid will full out fucking enjoy the party. Lil’ Debbie, the same thing. I think we’ve wanted to see Lil’ Debbie come to Toronto for like the longest time. The ATL Twins were super cool. They were like the nicest people in the world. They took pictures with everyone, no one was like not good enough for them.

They were so real, man. They just told us some real shit. They came Friday and Saturday we hung out in the hotel room, kept it 100, 100%. What they do on a daily basis, when they’re not out like doing super cool shit.

BP: I saw Spring Breakers

Ronnice: Yeah!

BP: Could I put in a request? Could you bring down Venus X?

Ronnice: Oh that’s already happening!

BP: Shut the fuck up! I’ve been wanting her to come to Toronto forever!

Ronnice: I swear to you there’s a poster mock-up in the works right now.

[They proceed to show the poster]

BP: That is amazing!

Ronnice: Not just her, the whole crew. When we came here [to INK Entertainment] I was like super depressed, I thought we were just going to turn into a bunch of club guys.

With that said, Orin who is the Head of Operations here and [Jonathan] Ramos who is one of the Talent Buyers here – Ramos used to own Union Events – he did like the Kendrick Lamar concert, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, that sort of stuff. Orin being previously affiliated with Xander and his family, Ramos understanding our vision, plus CBS helps fuel all of that. He co-signed us when we were like let’s get Venus X. The shit they do here is pretty fucking spectacular. So like, Both Orin and Ramos help our vision.

Oh and credit goes to my friend Sarah (BabySare) – she knows who she is – for reminding me about Venus X. And she’s been telling me from time.

While we’re here at INK Entertainment we can also think of festival ideas – festivals we wanna do, not just parties. I know it seems like all we do is just fucking throw parties but there’s shit that we’re working on and doing that is above throwing a party.

BP: You’re globalizing. This is stuff I’ve only dreamed about, since I’m not located where these artists usually frequent.  

Ronnice: Its nice to hear you say that, it still doesn’t make sense in my mind. I’m pretty sure the same thing goes for him [Xander] too.

We are looking for super dope graphic designers, we are looking for cool interns. Just a really dope, cool creative team, an unstoppable force. But you can’t just do it, you gotta feel it. If you’re like, ‘Hey, Venus X is coming, do a graphic for that’ – mind you I don’t do graphic design, I just used to do shitty old Comeback Seasons ones so I don’t wanna speak on something I don’t know – I want that graphic designer to embody and give me more than just a poster that says “Venus X.” So far, it’s like hard to find that – like WolF J McFarlane does most of our creatives now but he’s just one man and we need to find more.

Xander: Yeah a lot of people think they wanna be in this industry or job but like you said, they realize it’s not that great. To Ron and I, it’s the greatest thing ever. But some people think that it’s something else, all glitz and glamour.

Ronnice: Like even some of our friends. Like it sucks to say that we’ve thrown a lot of our friends in the field since being here. It’s hard to hold up. You’d think that over the years they’d had the experience to understand.

Xander: But who knows, this guy’s dad [Ronnice] owns clubs in Jamaica, or wherever it is and my dad owned clubs in New York – it’s fly when you think about it.

Ronnice: I wasn’t thinking that until we were like fully deep in it and I was like ‘oh shit.’ Like I didn’t know they were called Club Kids back then until Comeback Season Kids.

Xander: Nothing was pre-meditated. It all just happened from doing stuff that we like to do.

BP: In closing, I know you guys are presenting the This Is Not A Toy exhibit. What else can people expect from Comeback Season?

Ronnice: One of the actual things we’re doing outside of CBS-type parties is helping with the exhibit, press, that sort of stuff. Xander has a whole collection of…

Xander: I have a whole bunch of stuff from Circa and I used to intern at Kid Robot. They gave me free stuff there, they were all very nice there. We’re doing like a creative window, it’s fun to do creative things. Sometimes this stuff seems like more fun than actual work, then deadlines come and you’re like ‘Oh shit!’

Ronnice: So basically, TATTOO is being rebranded. We’re all taking part, Ramos is rebranding TATTOO, so now it’s not Tattoo Rock Parlour – the website’s different, the logo’s different. We actually came up with the logo, with our creative team. And the actual tattoo shop that’s gone, that’s gonna be a pop-up shop space. Roots Canada should be doing an installation in there.

Xander: Its why we wanted to rebrand it. The place has so much potential it just needs a breath of fresh air.

Ronnice: And when it comes to This Is Not A Toy specifically, we’re gonna have an official event on February 26th at Cube and there might be different locations for each one but we’re gonna try and have all that intense, creative feel from the exhibit at the party. So basically, like, four month’s worth of parties. And we might just have a shitload of tickets and have a bigass CBS night and bring all our friends and not-so-close friends and anyone we wanna stunt on – free tickets to the exhibit on a CBS night.

Xander: All those things that we’ve talked about and all the things we’ve been doing – everything adds up to pretty much the party. That’s the outcome. All those little tinkers with the windows and the rebranding, going to Embrace and moving over and doing shows, all that added up to the party.

Ronnice: This is literally like getting paid to learn. Being with Embrace was like, I guess a free internship and then being here at INK Entertainment is like a paid internship. We’ve learned a lot from both. From Adam Gill, Ryan Burton, they took us in under their wings and taught us a lot. We took what we needed from that and took it to the next level here at INK Entertainment. And being here there’s a lot of learning everyday. We’ve never been in an office like this. We’ve had our own office that was in the back of an art gallery that was called Creatures Creating and we weren’t doing office shit all the time but this is like learning how to deal with real office politics. And like, scheduling meetings and having real marketing meetings with Charles Khabouth. We have marketing meetings with him and the the whole department – it’s serious shit. Talking about clubs, events, festivals. Coming up with new shit and some things I can’t even mention that they’re gonna start doing.

It’s just really intense that we’re getting paid to learn. So thank you to the Embrace guys. But most importantly, thank you to INK Entertainment and Orin and Ramos for holding us down here!

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