[VIDEO] Travi$ Scott ft. A$AP Ferg – Uptown

[VIDEO] Travi$ Scott ft. A$AP Ferg – Uptown

The cinematic trend in hip hop music videos continues.

This time around we have a very sinister video release from Travi$ Scott featuring A$AP Ferg for Uptown. The video is directed by Travi$ himself and is produced by Toronto’s own Wondagurl off of the Owl Pharaoh mixtape.

The visual for the video suites Travi$ very well if you’re familiar with his other work. Shot in the same vein as Upper Echelon, we see a lot of bizarre and disturbing imagery that seems to hide in the smokey shadows of what I can only assume to be herb. Travi$’ movements in the beginning are mesmerizing to say the least as he flexes his acting chops demonstrating that he can stay character all throughout the video. The character of course appears to be strung out and feeling very ill and conflicted. The violence is mild and I say this because it’s suggestive. The only physical altercation that the viewer witnesses is between Travi$’ goons and the convenience store owner and costumers. This is then cut to a scene where one of Travi$’ homies is joyfully butchering some meat which is supposed to be that unlucky couple we saw earlier, but the bone structure will easily give away the fact that its a rack of ribs. Nothing wrong with that. Except that it’s pork. The intercut of Ferg rapping in a reverse negative colour scheme can be interpreted as Travi$ being possessed by the Young Lord and thus his eerie movements and sickened demeanour begin to make sense.

Overall, the aesthetic is quite beautiful in its ability to evoke uncomfortable feelings from the viewer. I’ve always seen trap music as a little bit alarming. It deals with a lifestyle that is dangerous to say the least and the electronic infusions only add to the tension of the overall sound. If you’re a fan of American Horror Story, you’ll probably find this video dope as hell.

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