The Pros and Cons of the Urban Fashion Phenomenon

The Pros and Cons of the Urban Fashion Phenomenon

There’s something bothersome about the unapologetic way the retail world appropriates hip hop culture. Stores like Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters and Brandy Melville have capitalized on urban clothing and I can’t help but feel some type of way about it, especially when I see shirts like this:

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Do people know where these phrases originate? Do they really listen to the Wu-Tang Clan? The answer to both questions is probably no, but that isn’t the real issue here. Retail chains are borrowing from Black artists and exploiting hip hop culture. Below I put together a pros and cons list of the urban fashion phenomenon.


  • Retail stores have recognized that this is an important market
  • It’s become a part of popular fashion as a whole across the world for all ethnicities
  • You don’t have to wait for your favorite artist to come to town to buy merch
  • Pays homage to celebrated artists
  • The hip hop world has inspired retail fashion


  • Retail fashion takes inspiration from a culture that has been historically oppressed
  • Customers are unaware of the broader experience and history of hip hop
  • Oversimplification of complex issues as they enter the mainstream, i.e. “gangsta rap made me do it”
  • Unintentional ignorance
  • Hip hop culture isn’t a costume that you can just put on when you want to “look cool” or “fashionable” — there are decades of meaning behind that “gangsta rap made me do it shirt” or that Wu-Tang shirt.


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    • Anonymous: Try having a closer look at the menu (2nd picture down), which should answer most of your questions. But yes, I only had one burger and they come medium rare as standard – they don't ask you how you want it.

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    • You could be right with the ‘tipping’ thing……but to be honest, when I went to New York I didn’ t like the ‘over-politeness of the personnel….it was to much…the truth should be somewhere in the middle (Dutch saying)

    • Thanks for the insight. It brings light into the dark!

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    • One or two to remember, that is.

    • Thanks for your posting–it brought tears to my eyes. We had a similar situation when my husband broke his neck–God was so present with us, and it was so amazing to see how He got us through such a dark time in our lives.

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    • LOL! Amnesia Eric is draining Sookie while she sleeps at night! And it looks like visions of Godric is helping him along! Looks like he cannot resist the delicious fairy blood.   0 likes

    • LOL…I’m sure many people visit these blogs, but probably don’t bother to write anything. I do that with some blogs I visit (but usually the ones that already have 20+ comments on them).

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      I’m glad he’s ok, and I’m sure you will be soon, too. It’s amazing how resilient these little ones are, isn’t it? My daughter took a head-first tumbler into a rosebush earlier this summer, screamed for a minute or two, and then carried on wandering around the garden eating cherry tomatoes while we cringed at the slashes on the side of her face.

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    • My husband and I went to a laundry mat after our honeymoon because we had like 6 loads of laundry and it used to take forever in our condo. It was fantastic to have all those clothes clean so quickly but there were definitely some characters in there!

    • Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. 🙂

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      Cleo, you summed it up well how I felt, ESPECIALLY abour Adler/Holmes. That was my ONE slight iffy point but I knew pretty much they’d romanticize their connection. REGARDLESS MARY AND IRENE. THIS MOVIE IS ABOUT GUY LOVE ITS GUY LOVE GUY LOVES HIS GUYS IN GUY LOVE. Not even undertones of bromance…it was TONES.

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      Haha! Thanks for the correction! I’ve seen ‘luminary’ videos on YouTube, but perhaps I was confused by the American accent Following the wikipedia link, and emphasis on torches, it seems I may have missed out on massive funding from the cultural Olympiad fund. Bugger.

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    • Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. There’s definitely a difference between the two, but you’re lucky your husband knows which is which. Sometimes I don’t even know.

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    • Cal Tejano – I’m sure we are not typical, but in my community, most every white person I know, and we are all well over 50, are 100% behind Obama and 100% opposed to Hillary. To the point that if Mrs. Clinton is the nominee, like Christopher, we will not vote for her.

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      I made pizza turn overs – because I’m always looking for new ways to use Neil’s three favorite ingredients in different ways (Bread, cheese and tomato sauce). I did make a radical version: pickled shitake, pumpkin, parmesan, leeks and sage – and much to my surprise he actually liked it! Will post later…and yes Chicken Soup is always a good idea!

    • Wearing it this way really draws attention to the lines of the coat, you do it gorgeously! Hmm, guess this means not carrying much or walking very fast for fear of it slipping of!

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      Liebe Ellja, ich war auch letzte Woche in Krumau. Wir hatten eine Burgführung und nachmittags noch eine Stadtführung. Und ganz viel Glück mit den Führerinnen! Mir hat es gut gefallen. Das eine Foto mit dem Rinderbraten und dem Serviettenknödel – sag mal, warst du auch in der Brauerei Eggenberg essen? Das hat ganz genauso ausgesehen wie bei uns – ich hab allerdings die Forelle gewählt. :)LGKarina

    • Caro Daniele per me sei gia’ un NOVIZIO DE FACTO, i tuoi commenti trasudano incupimento, e anche il tuo Runkeeper, che commenta: “Hmm… Daniele Di Martino must’ve been too tired to say how it went!”… Sei riuscito a fare incupire l’applicazione! Fantastico… piu’ di cosi’… Cmq tranquillo, il “trio lescano” va piu’ lento di te

    • "Es que no les tienen paciencia…"Mucha suerte el viernes! (¿hoy?) y que no les cobren ni medio centavo!Cómo pueden ser tan burros?!

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    • That’s an ingenious way of thinking about it.

    • It seems more of a table than a rail. When i attended my first EF mass some time ago it was the first time the words “… they reclined at table..” resonated. If my vote mattered I’d say ‘bring back the rail’. Didn’t some VatII docs. emphasize the communal meal nature of liturgy… and so they ripped out the ‘tables’. Odd.

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      Thank you Gayle. The next one is underway and I’ll probably post some photos of it this weekend at various stages up to that point. I’m finding a lot of interesting paintable subjects in my every day world lately. It’s making it hard to get outside to paint the changing season!

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