REVOLT TV: The Diddy Network has Arrived

REVOLT TV: The Diddy Network has Arrived

Rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur – Diddy can now add direct channel services to his conglomerate enterprise. With the recent launch of his television service Revolt TV, backed by industry giant Time Warner Cable, Diddy has proved being an iconic rapper can land you more than a clothing line and a few Hollywood gigs.

Now not to sound like a hater, I respect the success Diddy’s career has brought him, but the launch of Revolt TV leaves me questioning how this channel will differ from other pop culture networks like BET and MTV.  What consequences or benefits will come from this new TV platform?  With the catchphrase, “Revolt TV is a new music network from Sean Combs dedicated to the creators of this generation,” to some it may sound like an inspirational slogan for artistic youth empowerment, but  from what I understand it’s really just an advertisement for a new and improved BET (with hopefully less commercials).

The network is promoting the ‘We want you’ attraction to its viewers, noting that everyday folks can have a chance to be a part of building the Revolt experience.  You can submit answers to a quick questionnaire online, allowing opportunity in positions ranging from on air talent to social media and graphic art. The idea is to enlist diverse talents to help programme, curate and produce the supposed community friendly network.

 Yet on the site there is no real definition or explanation for how Revolt is supposed to be the newest cultural phenomena to hit viewers. The closest you can get to learning more about the TV network is to send an email to the contact info provided on the site!

So I wonder, will Revolt go down in music history as a revolutionary platform for aspiring as well as established artists to produce genuine art? Will it hold true to its idea of community roots and youth engagement or just fall into the bland routine of the commercial bubble gum industry notorious with MTV & BET?

Just an end note, does this also mean a new alias is in order for the mogul that is Sean Combs?  I remember when he was good ol’ Puff Daddy, then P.Diddy came along and I think he now goes by Diddy… It kind of makes you wonder how he will reinvent himself with the newest chapter in his commercial success.



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