[Review] Zaki Ibrahim Live @ Adelaide Hall

[Review] Zaki Ibrahim Live @ Adelaide Hall

2013 has been a really successful year for Toronto based artists – from the array of festivals and shows, to the plethora of new releases; we have a lot to be proud of.  Zaki Ibrahim‘s show at Adelaide Hall was a testament to Toronto greatness.

Brendan Philip, the “from here, but just not popular yet” artist, as he self-proclaimed, was the first performer of the evening. He and his drummer Jamal entertained the crowd with their retro, innovative sound (courtesy of voice live touch 2) and their hilarious jokes. The duo had a fun aura about them – their playfulness definitely transmitted into the crowd and got everyone moving.

I spotted the lovely Shi Wisdom behind the stage singing along to Brendan.  The house was filled with familiar faces and hip-hop colleagues who came through to support homegrown talent – t’was a beautiful thing. Philip brought Shi Wisdom on stage and together they concluded his set.

Zaki Ibrahim graced the stage in an slinky ensemble and face covering that didn’t stay on for too long. Also with Ms. Ibrahim on stage were Tanika Charles and Sgt. FeelGood – a complimenting trio. The Canadian born, South African performer showed off an elaborate production of music, wardrobe and choreography. The venue held a mix of fans that recited lyrics verbatim to bystanders who nodded their heads gently.

Ibrahim’s set covered all three of her LP’s: Shö, Eclectica, and Every Opposite. She even performed a request from Bad Perm’s contest winner, “Computer Girl.” Zaki Ibrahim is one of the most eclectic artists I know – her set ranged from soul to pop, she even dropped a 16 on us. Her admirable eclectic character invites a wide-range of fans, to whom she caters wholeheartedly to.

Overall a fantastic night filled with beautiful music and good vibes. A special thank you to Mark for inviting the team!

You can check out our dope photo gallery here.

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