[Article] World’s Biggest Drake Fan

Amanda Girgis July 1, 2013 86
[Article] World’s Biggest Drake Fan

Who’s excited for the 4th annual OVO festival? Bet you aren’t as excited as Kevin Morris, the world’s most enthusiastic Drake fan. Kevin Morris, the 23 year old from Toronto has an extensive knowledge on all things Drake and the October’s Very Own Crew. In the span of 4 years Morris has seen Drake perform, sitting first row, over 8 times [even has a backstage pass to the 4th annual OVO festival], owns an array of OVO merch including: bracelets, phone cases, t-shirts, sweaters, hats and even an OVO tie.


The fanning began with Kevin’s passion for Pop Culture. “Some people have family trees, I have TMZ” he says. He’s adapted the stories of those in the limelight into his own personal history as means to fill a void of his own family’s history. He is fascinated with pop culture’s ability to reach and affect millions of people – It acts as a teacher of life he believes.  Morris’ upbringing on superhero’s and comics has also attracted him to symbolism and imagery– naturally the OVO owl would appeal to him. The symbolism behind the owl is open to interpretation and that’s what Morris values. Some say the owl symbolizes Drake’s work schedule; others believe it’s the illuminati, Here is what Morris’ had to say about it:

For me its always felt like it represented being a night owl and having self induced insomnia. You know, when it comes to insomnia there’s almost an advantage there. People who go to bed early always think that the night is too short, but, for those of us who stay up all night, it can feel as long as a lifetime. You get a lot done and I always do. And in typical drake fashion he puts out a song called 5 am in Toronto that is a daily occurrence for me. Just another reason why even without knowing each other [Drake and I] I feel like we have a lot in common.


Kevin Morris feels that he has a connection with Drake without ever meeting him. He says he has a sense of familiarity with him and sees himself in Drakes shoes. For example, Morris admires Drake’s loyalty and hospitality towards his friends; “he is just so likeable even when you think you hate him.” Morris reps the affiliation because of its positive nature he tells me. Drake and the OVO crew are respectable and fruitful individuals that Morris really respects. If that isn’t enough, Kevin Morris is an October baby, making his sensed connection to OVO even stronger.

I don’t just feel like I like OVO, I feel like I’m living it constantly. For some reason I gravitate towards it. My favorite artist [Drake] has his birthday 5 days after mine and then he comes up with name Octobers Very Own for the ultimate empathy connection. And now I get to celebrate my birthday with him this year, its crazy how universe works.

When I asked Mr. Morris about his favourite Drake lyric he gave me a compilation of 3 tracks: Miss Me, Successful and Forever.

“I want it all, that’s why I strive for it. I know that it’s coming – I just hope that I’m alive for it…I may not mean nothing to y’all but understand nothin’ was done for me so I don’t plan on stoppin’ at all… and Drake just stands for Do Right And Kill Everything.”

Admittedly it sound cheesy he says, “but that’s how I live my life, everything I am now I’ve earned after coming from a dark place and I do what a lot of people are afraid to do which is reinvent themselves.” Kevin began to reinvent himself after attending his first concert in 2009 and of course Drake was there. “I was a guy who hated concerts and said I would never attend one. I only went to impress and get a high school crush an awesome birthday present, which ended up not even being able to make it. But coming full circle back to the lyrics, I live my life by those lines. I like to live my life knowing my endgame is no where near where I started and I want to be able to say Everest has nothing on me when I get to look down from the mountain I’ve climbed. I now live a life that I feel I can personally feel absolutely positive about and know that giving the best of me is being the best.”

We can safely crown Kevin Morris as the world’s biggest Drake fan and I can assure you his love for all things OVO is Far From Over.

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Written by: Amanda Girgis

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