[Review] History of Urban Music in Toronto Conference

[Review] History of Urban Music in Toronto Conference

After months of tireless planning and promotion, The History of Urban Music in Toronto Conference took place yesterday at York University. Canadian Hip Hop academics joined forces with Toronto’s pioneering Hip Hop practitioners to explore and uncover the history of  Hip Hop in Toronto. In attendance were Maestro, Michie Mee, Master T, Dan-e-o, Motion, DJ Mel Boogie, DJ X, Dalton Higgins, Chris Jackson, and Mindbender. It almost felt like we were all there to renew the wedding vows of Hip-Hop and knowledge in Toronto by bringing our intellect to new heights of convolution; We did this through powerful discussion and conversation on important topics such as Identity & Meaning-Making in Toronto Hip Hop and Performativity in the Canadian Music Industry, just to name a few.

I’m still high on all the knowledge that was dropped yesterday and I’m thirstier than ever to learn about the diversity and complexity of Hip Hop in Toronto as well as the challenges posed by the Canadian Music Industry. [PHOTOS]

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