[Audio] Brooklyn’s Quarter Bill helps us “Ease off the Pressure”

[Audio] Brooklyn’s Quarter Bill helps us “Ease off the Pressure”

Last night while most of the world was sleeping, I was trying to clear a few things off of my to do list. My minds was racing, the color wheel on my macbook was spinning and someone was texting me a story about something ONE sentence PER text. Who does that? I mean, why overuse/abuse text like that? Anyways….

I did what anyone would do when they need a distraction. I logged into Facebook.

Now, I don’t have the pleasure of seeing my high school classmates vacation highlights & new baby pics on my Facebook timeline. This isn’t exactly a break from the work. I have 3,700 something friends on my list and 3,600 of them are rappers and/or producers, so scrolling through my timeline is sort of like going through a submissions email inbox. So there I was, scrolling and listening and it came out of nowhere…..

Ease off the pressure …… Brooklyn’s Quarter Bill has created yet another beautiful record that helps my soul feel some Peace. I immediately felt my stress fade away as Quarter Bills voice filled my speakers. I must have replayed the song 7 or 8 times and by the end of it I felt as if I had no issues. This song helped remind me to fall back on faith. This isn’t his first and it’s definitely not his last hit record. Check out the song below, it’s the perfect tune to play on a Friday. Weekends here, ease off the pressure.….


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