[OLD SCHOOL JOINTS] J Dilla: Don’t Cry

[OLD SCHOOL JOINTS] J Dilla: Don’t Cry

J Dilla’s “Don’t Cry” instrumental off the Donuts album is something I listen to everyday. Donuts, released six years ago is the last LP to be released while he was still alive. Dilla passed away a few days after the release of Donuts, leaving a deep sentiment on the album. His last album was a result of many different phases in his musical career which made it so speical. This album is truly an adventure of different sounds, each track has a unique musical emotion.

Close friends and family say this was the last beat they saw him making before his death. Even if we don’t know for sure, the title of the song and the lyrics of the vocals in the instrumental are open to interpretation. If you ask me, I think Dilla was trying to comfort his fans.

“I can’t stand to see you cry”



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