[EVENT REVIEW] Wu-Block @ Toronto’s Sound Academy

[EVENT REVIEW] Wu-Block @ Toronto’s Sound Academy

On February the 13th, Legends Hip-Hop Series introduced Wu-Block to Toronto’s Sound Academy. The show started slow with a couple of Canadian acts such as Charron from KOTD and Trinity Chris, and continued with  DJ The Technician commanding the crowd with a myriad of hip hop classics like KRS-One’s “Step Into a World,” A Tribe Called Quests’ “Sucka N****,” Camp Los’ “Lucini” and Fabolous’ “Breathe”.

After 15 minutes of hard hitting tracks, Sheek Louch came out holding a bottle of liquor, followed by Ghostface Killah sipping a Monster energy drink. They went right into their set with Track 5 off of the Wu-Block album “Comin for Your Head”. Surprisingly, it seemed like Ghost and Sheek set up a bulky set, performing a decent chunk of the Wu-Block album. Sheek got the show started with “Stick up Kids” and LOX’s classic “Wild Out”. Ghostface also got some bars in with his verses from Wu-Block tracks, such as “Crack Spot Stories,” “Different Time zones” and “Take Notice”. It seemed like Ghost and Sheek competed for attention the whole night as Sheek kept repeating “We got hit records too!

Next they preformed another Wu-tang classic “Protect Ya Neck”; since they were missing a few members they asked for some crowd participation. They called two guys on stage for help, one from Scarborough to do Method Man’s verse and the other from Mississauga to do ODB’s verse. Ghost made it clear when introducing the two guest emcees “If they start f***** up and don’t know this shit, you know what to do! We gon’ bottle these n***** and get them the f*** outta here!” Judging from their style of dress one might think that the guy from Scarborough would perform better, but it was the guy from Mississauga sporting tight jeans and a Wolf Gang T-shirt easily bested his opponent reciting Method Man and ODB’s verses perfectly as the crowd went crazy.

One of the highlights of the night was when Sheek and Ghost asked for the “assistance” of a few devoted female fans, they had security help the girls over the barricade and on the stage to dance to “Good Love” and “Cherchez La Ghost”. Ghostface asked the lights tech to adjust the lights, which set the mood for some funny moments later on. During “Cherchez la Ghost,” a confused fan was doing a dance that looked like a drunken salsa. Moments later, Ghostface was sandwiched between at least 3 eager dancers trying to win his attention.

During the show they did a tribute to the late ODB and Notorious B.I.G., as well. Ghostface performed “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”. It was followed up by Sheek Louch who did a toast over B.I.G’s “Hypnotize” instrumental and lead into his verse from the LOX song “Last Day” from B.I.G.’s album “Life After Death” released in 1997.

Towards the end of the set, Ghost unexpectedly performed his verse from “New God Flow,” even Sheek was surprised that Ghost remembered something that new. After exhausting so much material the two emcees asked the crowd what tracks they wanted to hear next. After 1:00AM, the tracks were still going up until about 1:20AM. Although the time was up, it seemed as if Ghost nor Sheek wanted to leave and reluctantly exited the stage as the crowd was chanting “Wu-Block! Wu-Block!”

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