[VIDEO] Drake – “Started From The Bottom”

[VIDEO] Drake – “Started From The Bottom”

Director X & Drake join forces in directing the video for Started From The Bottom which offers us a side by side comparison of “the bottom” vs. “the top” of Drake’s life. I apologize to anyone who is currently working at Canadian drugstore chain Shoppers Drug Mart, you’re officially the bottom.

This is a great visual and captures a lot of Toronto’s beauty as well as the closeness and family bond between Drake and his team. The video opens with one of my favorite little people in Toronto, Kareem scoring a perfect goal and continues to feature cameos by Kim Davis,Jonny Roxx, Boi 1da and more. Recently having left Toronto (where I was born and raised) this video brought up some memories and feelings of homesickness in me that I’ve been trying to ignore. With the shots of the “Started From The Bottom” billboard overlooking the highway to the airplane images of the CN Tower, this video left me feeling warm and fuzzy.

The only thing that I didn’t understand was why Drake and his driver were riding around in a convertible during a snowstorm. So many people live in ignorance and believe that Canada is cold and full of snow. Drake riding around topless isn’t exactly helping our argument….

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