[INTERVIEW] AZ :: The Genesis

[INTERVIEW] AZ :: The Genesis

Last month, we had the opportunity of speaking to AZ in Toronto. AZ, if y’all don’t know, was first featured on Nas’ “Life a Bitch” album, went on to make several albums, received a Grammy nod for the song “The Essence”, and created the supergroup The Firm with Nas, Nature, and Foxy Brown. He’s arguably one of the most underrated rappers in hip-hop, period.

While he was closed-lipped about his upcoming album Do or Die 2 (and almost everything that really had to do with it or his music, but I’ll respect that), we chopped it up about New York’s sound, the Quiet Money label, the hustle of an rapper today and maintaining your longevity as an artist.

PS: Peep AZ’s take Nas’ “Genesis”, which was released this week, as well.

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