[MIXTAPE]  Dj LaJedi Presents DETRIOT SONICLYZM!!!3.13

Detroit City Exquisite Gritty. Detroiters are Innovators and Survivors. The sound produced here has been forged in conditions of extreme pressure – an extraordinarily demanding atmosphere that produces extraordinary art. DETRIOT SONICLYZM!!! Mixtape Series is Dj LaJedi’s sampling of some of the freshest Hip Hop Soul Music out of Detroit.

DETRIOT SONICLYZM!!!3.13 features an EXCLUSIVE Dj LaJedi Remix of “Salute”, the new new single from Detroit Legends 5 ELA (formerly 5 Elementz), to properly prepare you all for their upcoming album “Global Warming” produced entirely by Black Bethoven. If you know, then you KNOW!
Watch the video for “Salute”, Created and Directed by Steve Furay/ Common Breath Media HERE.

You will also hear raw yet seasoned styles of Sheefy McFly, Barrier Breaking Bass from Skywlkr covered by the necessary roughness of Danny Brown+Dopehead(Bruiser Brigade). The Enormous sound of The Autocons (One Be Lo A.K.A. One Man Army of Binary Star + The Tyrant). Fresh cuts from globally known Clear Soul Forces and Battle Champion MC Fowl. In-The-Red level audio from Motown Masters Apollo Brown and Nick Speed. Yeah.
We got Guilty AND Slaughtah+Konflict of the Almighty Dreadnaughts. Love my city. Move with me.

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