Indie Submissions of the Week :: Nov. 19th-Dec. 19th

Indie Submissions of the Week :: Nov. 19th-Dec. 19th

Alright, first and foremost, I apologize greatly for the delay. In short, family comes first and that should be everyone’s number one priority. With that being said, 20 dope tracks, videos and albums since the last Indie Submissions of the Week. And I promise, it won’t be this long until the next one.

1) Chuck Thurgood – “Nu Regime”

Self-proclaimed backpack rapper Chuck Thurgood has taken an ATL swag and thrown it over a 9th wonder instrumental, retitled “Nu Regime“. In just under 3 minutes, Chuck manages to prove that he can spit, and while there’s a little room for improvement with fluidity, 9th ain’t the easiest to spit over like that. The kid got heart, that’s what’s more important.


2) Nyiam feat. LNDL RAPS – “Fuck Love”

Off his album Chronic Love, Mississauga (eastern skirts of Toronto) artist Nyiam hit us up with the self-produced cut “Fuck Love”. The production is smooth as sin, the delivery flows effortlessly and while the lyrics completely contradict this lovely production, Nyiam makes the relatable chorus into a pretty ill track.


3) David Stones – “Triumph 2012” … scratch that. The Stepping Stone: All or Nuthin’

You have to have some real guts to remake a classic cut like Wu-Tang’s “Triumph”, a cut that dominates people’s lives to this day. Brooklyn artist David Stones stood on both feet and went in on it, and quite frankly, held his own. “Triumph 2012” is off his mixtape The Steppin’ Stone: All or Nuthin’, which is exactly how David Stones went in on this track. It’s that 90s New York I’ve been longing for…man, forget posting just the track, I’m throwing up the whole mixtape.


4) Frank Vocals – “No Love (Dear Angie)”

Bring back the soul in R&B…there must be something going on with the name Frank. “No Love (Dear Angie)” is a beautiful R&B track with a backbone layered with Frank Vocals‘ beautiful melodic notes. There’s a feel to the song you don’t get too get too often anymore… it’s a gorgeously produced and saaang song, I just wish it was longer!


5) Greg Grease – C.R.E.A.M. Dreams

Southside Minneapolis artist Greg Grease recently dropped his album Cornbread, Pearl & G (Dec. 11th), off of which came this dope little gem “C.R.E.A.M. Dreams”. The track, which is co-produced by himself alongside Mike Frey, is a lyrical journey through Southside tales. With an airy production and a lazy-but-fluid delivery, Greg Grease serves up a plate of dope music. Check out that album!


6) Catching Flies – “Golden (Remix)” [by Jill Scott]

I’m a sucker for neo-soul. I’m an even bigger sucker for a stunning remix, and Catching Flies did just that. I don’t have much else to say about this track, it speaks for itself.


7) Aquil – Land of Synth

We’ve been a big supporter of Aquil‘s music over the past few months, so without any exception, his latest project Land of Synth finds itself here. Over an amazing soundscape, the Philly emcee goes above and beyond to promote dope messages and educate the masses with his polished flow, versatile vocabulary, and positive vibes.


8) SpAceKID – Trapezoid

L.A. based (Midwest raised) artist SpAceKID recently dropped his debut album Trapezoid, “an adventure into a realm that has no limitation, rules or boundaries”. The 23-year old artist explores eclectic production and ‘alternative hip-hop’, so to speak, in the same light Kid Cudi once did. Definitely a dope little gem.


9) Tay Rhodes – “Dreams to Me”

As a prelude track to his upcoming album Keys Open Doors, the Lansing, MI artist Tay Rhodes recently dropped off his track “Dreams to Me”. With Fab’s “Money Goes, Honey Stay” instrumental as the backdrop, Tay delivers some smooth bars and a pretty dope flow. Check it out!


10) Giano – S.O.R.I.

VA artist Giano (or Rob Giano, on twitter) dropped S.O.R.I. at the top of the month and I’m almost mad I didn’t get to it earlier. With production from Illmind, S1 and Apollo Brown on here, this album projects a strength…almost like an army. Giano states that prisons and dreams, humor and wit, and the fine lines in which they separate themselves conceptualize the themes of this album. Give it a chance and get trapped in this project.


11) Nostic – “Same Thangz”

We have a plethora of artists coming out of Toronto but Canadian hip-hop stretches near and far. St. John, New Brunswick rapper Nostic recently hit me with the track “Same Thangz”. Produced by Quincy Clash, Nostic preludes the track with the following statement:

“My goal is to help advance the culture I love and grew up in, by contributing my music
and giving back any way possible.. My main focus is to be respected by
my peers and to spread that positive vibe…”


12) pHoenix Pagliacci – Books, Bucks & Beats Vol. 2: Rise of the Baby Buddha

As a follow up to her debut album “Books, Bucks & Beats Vol. 1”, Toronto artist pHoenix Pagliacci dropped Vol. 2: Rise of Baby Buddha. With production from E.Jones and a feature from Jean Grae, the singer/rapper shows up and shows her musical progression.


13) Cassow – “Annuit Coeptis”

At the top of the month, Portland artist Cassow dropped the visuals for his track “Annuit Coeptis”. The video, directed by Kevin Hasenkopf from V1 Creative, “Annuit Coeptis” is off of Cassow’s upcoming project “Cold Winter”, set to drop January 2013 and has features from Danny Brown and Dvnny Seth.


14) Teddy Franchize feat. Xhyi – “Better Off”

Produced by Lee Beatz of the Amazinz (French’s “Pop That”), Teddy Franchize and Xhyi dropped a video for the radio friendly, dope little hip-hop/R&B collabo “Better Off”. I’m not sure what woodwork these two came out of, but the video, directed by Adrian Patterson, was entirely shot in Toronto and features some dope visuals of this city.


15) Calcei – Factotum

Love me that Detroit hip-hop. Calcei hit us up with his latest album Factotum and before I say anything about it, he probably describes it better:

A factotum is a person with many jobs, activities, or responsibilities. Artists are truly factotums. Specifically in the Hip-Hop community in Detroit and Metro Detroit, almost all the amazing artists are factotums. We have the responsibility to carry on tradition, promote our art, build a career despite the odds, and hone our level of artistry while often working day or night jobs (sometimes both). This album is dedicated to all the factotums in the Detroit and Michigan Hip-Hop community.

It’s smooth, it has those Motown and soul vibes, and it is some dope hip-hop.


16) Motel Eola – Kids Looking for Gold

It’s a beat tape! London – London, England, that is – artist Motel Eola hit us up with his latest instrumental project Kids Looking for Gold. With a focus on drum patterns and sampling, this album is smooth as hell with every puzzle piece skillfully intertwined to create a gorgeous project.

This instrumental project is about youthfulness, inspiration & the pursuit of happiness versus harsh reality. “Kids Looking For Gold” is my metaphor for our generation of individuals. We are all in search of our own “Gold” whether it be physical material possessions, the notion of success, or the achievement of our wildest dreams. Along this Journey for our “Gold” we may forget who we once were, conform to the norm, submit to defeat or accept “reality”. As “Kids” we were forever optimistic, imaginative & experimental. The more we grow up the more we set aside our dreams as if the countdown of our life on earth is ever decreasing, leaving not enough time for us to do what we yearn for. No, we are dream chasers, creators and forever young at heart. We are “Kids Looking For Gold”.


17) Arsenal Hendrix – “Say Anything”

A lot of recent joints I’ve come across lately have been on their cool, calm and collective tip…that is, until I came across Arsenal Hendrix‘ “Say Anything”. The self-produced track comes heavy by the Bridgeport, CT, artist comes heavy, delivers like a beast and has energy on 100. Got that heat for the winter! (Meek Mill can learn a thing or two about diss joints from this guy, ps!)


18) Supastition – “Yada Yada”

Directed by Shamus Coneys of Spacecraft Films, Charlotte native Supastition has dropped the visuals for the Marco Polo produced track “Yada Yada”. The single is the first off his upcoming The Blackboard EP, set to drop January 15th, 2013. If you’re familiar with Marco Polo and the artists he works with, you’ll know this track is grimey, the style is boom-bap and Supastition has a dirty delivery.


19) Chris “Puzzle” Green – Leftovers (prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings)

Toronto’s Chris “Puzzle” Green and the production team The Quarter Inch Kings have dropped a 3-for-1 video showcasing three unreleased tracks off Chris’ last project The Puzzle EP. Directed by Big Sproxx of Proletarian Music, the three tracks (“You’ll Know Me”, “Listen Boy” and “Put It In the Air”) solidify boom bap rap and clean deliveries, and give just enough to wonder why they never made the cut…


20) Monk – “We In The Streets”

Let this be my 2012 go-out anthem. I try to include an anthem in every post, and this just happens to be it this time around. Miami’s Monk, who is from an area called Lil Haiti, came through with “We In the Streets” and by the name, you can guess what kind of production and lyrical content it holds. However, the track also puts a new spin on that concept detailing the realities and lifestyles in the [tagged] hood.

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