Twitter’s Dopest: Jean Grae

Twitter’s Dopest: Jean Grae

If I could follow only one account (aside from Bad Perm’s) on Twitter, it would be Jean Grae‘s. The woman literally has me laughing out loud on buses, in lecture halls and at work looking all sorts of crazy. I set out on the impossible mission of finding her most memorable tweets throughout the year but got side-tracked quoting her on Facebook, retweeting and texting my friends trying to pass her wit off as my own (kidding!) But seriously, she’s brilliant and hysterically funny. Here’s what I managed to collect as my favorite Jean tweets for the month of November. Beware, your belly will hurt from all the uncontrable chuckling.

Apathetic Jean.





Non-festive Jean.





Sexually discreet Jean.




Workout cheater Jean.





Ratchet cravings Jean.





Tell-it-like-it-is Jean.





Suspicious Jean.





Potty talk Jean.





Concerned Jean.





New York state of mind Jean.





Internet vs. reality Jean.





Fiscally conservative Jean.





Serial (typo) killer Jean.





Tastefully tatted and very insulted Jean.





Single independent (and pantless) Jean.

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