Movie Inspired Playlist

Movie Inspired Playlist

In honour of Man with the Iron Fist, TapeDeckTuesdays has complied a playlist of forgotten hip hop songs inspired directly by the films they were featured in.




CB4 – Straight of Outta Locash (CB4)
CB4 – Sweat off my Balls (CB4)
Double feat De la Soul – Say I gotta believe (Parapppa the Rapper)
Eminem vs Lotto Battle (8 mile btw Lotto won this)
Eric B & Rakim – Juice Know the Ledge (Juice)
Don Omar & Busta Rhymes – we roll fast (fast five)
Ice Cube – How to Survive in Central LA (Boyz in the Hood)
Ice Cube – Higher (Higher Education)
Guru, Common, & Jamie Foxx – Any Given sunday (any given sunday)
Lil Jon & Eastsideboyz – Ohh Big Momma (Big Momma’s house)
LL Cool J – Deepest Bluest (Deep Blue Sea)
Eminem – Lose Yourself (8 mile)
MC Eiht – Straight up Menace (Menace II Society)
Will Smith – Men in Black (Men in Black)
Nile Rodgers – Axel F (Beverly Hills Cop III)
Busta Rhymes – On your marks, get set, Reptar (Rugrats)
Snoop Dogg – Welcome to the hood (Snoop’s Hood of Horror)
Roots, Mos Def, Common – Hurricane (Hurricane)
RZA – Fatal (Blade Trinity)
Rza – Samurai Showdown (Ghost Dog)
The Black Keys & Rza – Baddest man alive (Man with Iron Fists)
Vanilla Ice – Ninja rap (TMNT 2)
Partners in Krime – Turtle Power (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

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