Ladies Love Lyrics – Jean Grae’s U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow

Ladies Love Lyrics – Jean Grae’s U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow

No one is immune to heartbreak. With that being said, whether you’ve gotten your heart broken once in your life and resolved never to love again, or you’re a sucker for love who gets their heart broken on the regular, we all know what it’s like. It is a soul crushing and humiliating ordeal that often leads us to toss our dignity and pride off to a far corner, while we engage in acts of desperation to try and get our lovers to love us again.

Jean Grae’s calm,  sensual voice delivers raw lyrics that are obviously lovingly crafted in U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow; seemingly a post-break up stream of consciousness-style song. When I wanted to call up my love and beg for him to take me back, this song was one of the few that kept my dignity in tact, as I listened to Jean Grae talk some sense into me through her own story of heartbreak. Here’s how I interpreted it…

Back here at square one
Like I just did the home base run
Without winning any bases though

For those of you who know the rules of baseball (versus the rules of love), Jean discusses how she hasn’t gained anything from her relationship even though she put in all necessary effort. In baseball, when you run past home base, you’re safe. Unfortunately, Jean does not end up winning in her situation.

All basic reasoning out the window
Ron Browz shit, Erick Sermon style

Here, both Ron Browz and Erick Sermon are referenced because of their circumstances surrounding falls from windows. Ron Browz had a hot song in ’08/’09 entitled Jumping (Out the Window) meanwhile Erick Sermon wound up in hospital after falling from a third story window.

Like I got kicked off a cloud, Method Man, ‘95
Rap references because you get ‘em all
You even get that I should have said that it was ’94 (’93)

1993 exoticness. You can’t get this Wu Tang lyric (delivered by Raekwon) wrong if you’re a true hip-hop head, which Jean is. She purposely names the wrong years to blend her rhymes seamlessly, while reflectively revealing to us that her ex boo would have gotten all her jokes. And isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day? Someone who can understand our quirky, off-beat sense of humour?

Hard place when you wanna still rock to it
Living in my glass house, steady throwing rocks through it

Here, Jean references both the sayings “between a rock and a hard place” and “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.” The juxtaposition between rocks, which are heavy and rough substances to glass which is elegant and fragile, is a clue into the dynamics of her relationship and the opposing forces between her and her partner.

I never stopped feeling the love for ya; I just stopped being the one for ya
I think
Too much

The pause between “I think” and “too much” is actually her taking a moment to think between lyrics which goes to show just how heavy this is still weighing on her mind. And of course, they say true love cannot be diminished. Her love for her partner still reigns, even though they have resolved to no longer be together.

Over analyzing everything sucks
I’m over over-dramatizing everything but
You’re never on the level I’m on, unless we’re cut-ting
Plus then we never argued when thrusting but then

As a self proclaimed over-analyzer and someone who actually can withstand drama (and perhaps even appreciate its exhaustive role in our lives), Jean acknowledges that in her dissection of events, emotions get heightened. She and her partner can’t seem to flow on the same wavelength unless they’re engaging in intercourse, which seems to be the only time they don’t argue.

After all, it just turns to dust, brother
Swear I’d never love another if this really worked out
But this is just like watching fitness informercials from the couch, ouch
I know, you’re lazy

The first bar is both a Biblical reference (ashes to ashes, dust to dust) and The Dust Brothers, who produced the soundtrack to Fight Club, Jean’s favourite film. Further references are made to working out and those of us who idly sit on and watch others achieve results. Much like people promise to “go to the gym tomorrow” to make a better change, Jean swore to herself that her heart would never go out to someone else if things worked out, possibly knowing that they wouldn’t, due to circumstance.

It’s easier to pick a partner less crazy
Much less work, less purpose, less of A to Z
Cause I’m an alpha, bet it’s hard to stay with me

Her dominant personality, that of a true Alpha female, was evidently difficult for her partner to handle. (What is up with all these men who can’t handle us holding our own?)

Heart palpitations do still occur though
You and me, some Merlot, situation blurs so
Much I be thinking how this shit could actually work again
It’s even nice to have you back in my world as my friend

How many times, whether on a first date or an evening of reminiscing with an ex, have you gotten butterflies and a case of the st-t-t-t-utters? Let’s face it, we’ve all turned to liquid courage at some point. This isn’t always the best solution, as Jean suggests, because it lowers inhibitions, gives you a case of verbal diarrhea, and tricks you into thinking certain feelings are still there. It also makes you think things like “shit could actually work again.” She’s satisfied with having her ex partner as her friend again, though, and boy, do I know that feeling! You know damn well that it can never be, yet you still feel the need to have him around.

Hey, sometimes I gotta say it simply (why)
Cause sometimes things are simple (come on)
We make it complicated for the win, B
Cause otherwise we’d just be faced with all the n-words

All you Scrabble fans know, the letter N is worth one measly point. One is a simple number because it stands alone, but if you look up what it represents in numerology, things get very complicated.

Inner child, inner space, inner monologue
We exchange intercourse without a dialogue
Introduce intimate ways to turn our fire off
The thing in us that seeks the spark, light
Higher, moth

In the pervious bars, we thought Jean was discussing words that begin with N, but in fact she’s talking about words that begin with “in.” Clearly, there was a lack of communication within the relationship because the “monologue” was kept inside. Both partners acted childishly as they were in tune with their “inner child” and in terms of “inner space,” they must’ve kept to themselves. They didn’t need to speak during intercourse which is understandable as the act itself puts one in tune with their partner. Unfortunately, like moths who are drawn to flames, sometimes at the cost of their lives, this pattern of interaction proved to be ineffective.

I still adore you; you adore me theoretically
So now I gotta shut the door on you
So I can find out who is next for me

The first bar hits home the hardest for myself and I’m sure many others. How many of us have stayed loving our partners whole-heartedly and unconditionally, whilst they loved us only in theory? They said all the right things about the way they “loved” us, but could never act and bring their love into fruition, and thus, said “love” remains forever suspended in theory. Jean had no choice but to move on at that point. Good. We should all follow suit.

You and me and everyone we know
That’s you and me and everyone we know

It can be said that the song title was somewhat adopted from writer/director Miranda July’s film Me and You and Everyone We Know, but that aside, here’s my interpretation: Jean is holding a photograph. Its of her, her former partner and everyone they know. She’s showing him how they were. She also revealing that to a certain degree, this is all of us. We are all desiring something from our partners, if not now, then at some point. No relationship is without its flaws, its trials and its tribulations. Some survive; some don’t. But that’s all of us.

Cause you know, you’re not gonna find what you’re looking for
Stay searching
You and me and everyone we know
It’s you and me and everyone we know
It’s you and me
You and me and everyone we know
You, me, everyone we know
You and me and everyone we know

The last few bars are sung in Jean’s beautiful voice. Are these words hopeful? Are the melancholy? This is when the first few tears start to trickle.

Thanks, Jean. Your open heart is greatly appreciated.

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