2013 Album/Mixtape Wish List

2013 Album/Mixtape Wish List

To all the nice ladies who haven’t been naughty this year, I think its time we join forces and ask hip-hop Santa for what we really want for Christmas – new music from our favourite artists in the new year! Bad-Perm wants to hear from you! Let us know what you’re listening to, what you’re not hearing enough of, and what albums you hope to see in the New Year. Comment below or send us a tweet @badpermdotcom

In the meantime, I’ll start the list with who I hope to see more of in the New Year:

Kendrick Lamar… kidding! I think we’ve all had a large enough dose of the good kid to last us until next year.

Jokes aside, here’s what I’m really hoping for in 2013:

1. New music from Shad. I’m a huge fan of the London, Ontario native – his flow and word play are music to my ears, literally.

2. Mos definitely want a new Mos Def album. It feels like homeboy went ghost on us for a couple years. I really would love to have some new Mos Def in my life

3. Call it stoner music or call it hipster rap…it’s weird and I like it. I recently discovered Heems (Himanshu) music and want to continue to hear good things from the kid. If you haven’t heard of him, check out the track “Womyn”. 

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