Rap Genius — Top 5 Lines of the Week (Oct. 5)

Rap Genius — Top 5 Lines of the Week (Oct. 5)

No lengthy introductions needed; y’all know what’s up by now! Let’s get in to these Top 5 Lines of the Week…

5.  “It’s not music, this medicine and/I’m not a rapper, I’m a medicine man/More like a gifted holistic mystic/But try to kick my habit and get dopesick” — Prodigy, ‘Medicine Man’ lyrics

Prodigy has a new track out? Oh. Ok, then.

In this simple, yet layered metaphor, Prodigy likens himself to a drug and/or a drug dealer, in the musical sense. His music is the drug, or “medicine” that the listener is addicted to. He compares himself to a “holistic mystic” (an alternative medicine or witch docor), and claims that if you were to try to stop listening to his music, you would probably exhibit symptoms of withdrawal (get “dopesick”).

I doubt it, P. But if that thought helps you sleep at night, then by all means…keep hope alive.

4. “Nia Long Sky shit/Lauren London my shit/Dream Deferred, that’s my word, y’all need to go cop it” — Torae, ‘Rap Average’ lyrics

 A Dream Deferred is the name of rapper Skyzoo’s latest release. In “Rap Average”, Torae offers a shameless plug for his boy…

3.  “The phone booth can be where you change or where you pump at/My heroes took turns with who would run that/So for all the Pierre Delacroixs, the Man Tans and Sleep-n-Eats/And all the money from hand to hands that we can keep” — Skyzoo, ‘Spike Lee Was My Hero’ lyrics

Included on the aforementioned A Dream Deferred, Skyzoo pays homage to one of his favourite directors, Spike Lee. This track is rife with character references to many of Spike Lee’s greatest works, from “She’s Gotta Have It”, to “He Got Game”, “Clockers” and in this case, “Bamboozled.”

2. “They call me eight shows H.O./You can stunt like that when you own the whole place, though” — Jay-Z

I’m glad Jay-Z addressed this. I was just having this conversation last week, with a photographer who was surprised to learn that Jay-Z isn’t 100% “owner” of the Brooklyn Nets. He doesn’t even own 50% of the team. Not even 10%. Jay-Z owns a shade under one fifth of 1 percent (0.002%) of this franchise. From the way his brand has been intrinsically linked with the team however, you’d never know this! The season hasn’t even started, and Jigga Man has sold out 8 shows at the newly minted Barclays Center, the Nets’ new home court. In the minds of many, Jay-Z is the HNIC of this venture.Talk about bang for your buck!

1.  “Why would you fuck with this South Philly sicko?/Shitbag your stomach, stick a tool through your dickhole” — Beanie Sigel, ‘Show N Off Freestyle’ lyrics

In what may be his last contribution to hip hop for a while, Beanie Sigel visited Statik Selektah to drop a freestyle for XXL’s new “Show N’ Off” freestyle series. His verse is cold as hell. Full of grimy, ruthless bars, Beans reminds us exactly why they call him The Broad Street Bully.

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