[Old School Joints] Too $hort – Gettin’ It

[Old School Joints] Too $hort – Gettin’ It

Ok I declare this one of the most “rap with it even if you don’t have the ability to rap” tracks ever (and as a bonus, there are only a couple parts where you even need to practice breath control!)

Gettin’ It is the title track off the 10th and “final” album from Too $hort. It ended up being less of a retirement and more of a 3 year vacation from the game but I never tend to believe the old school rappers that claim retirement anyways, so I digress.

Aside from Cocktails this is my favorite Too $hort track ever. It’s uplifting to the youth, and while commiserating with their plight, manages to offer insight on how to be successful in the game, getting out of the game and keeping it real! It’s all done in a West Coast “G” fashion and did I mention backed and chorus sung by Parliament Funkadelic?

And yet another track in which I turn into the “ultimate rapper” in my hip-hop mom whip! Enjoy!

Short dawg in the house I know you aint trippin/Cause life is too $hort you gotta get in where you fit in/
Stop looking for what you never seem to find/It aint what you think you got to read between the lines

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