#Old School Joints – Camp Lo “Luchini aka This is it”

#Old School Joints – Camp Lo “Luchini aka This is it”


Ya’ll KNOW this is that ONE! Camp Lo’s lead single, biggest hit and STILL in rotation today. When the needle drops on this one, its the collective d——rop!


Madame Butterfly, let me in your house of pleasure. (Am I the only one that saw that video and said “YES SIR!”?) 

From a diner, to a bank heist, to the back of a cab? Whatever! This video proves that if you have flavor and style you don’t need “lambos” or “big booty hoes” (ya’ll see that chick rockn the denim overalls?) to make dudes wanna be JUST LIKE YOU and girls all over you!

This is one of those groups that I’d love to see just BUST back on the scene and wreck fools! Their voices, style and lyrics were so on point. Oh well, until then…

Yeah; the Sonny Cheeba he be sippin Armaretta!

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