5 Dope Horror Films to Watch This Halloween

5 Dope Horror Films to Watch This Halloween

I don’t watch horror movies. I saw “The Ring” when I was twelve and slept in bed with my mother for a month and a half. Hell, I think the “Harry Potter” films belong to the horror genre. These days, the only person I could to turn to at odd hours of the night when I’m scared sh*tless is my best friend Gillia, and she just manages to freak me out more. So how have I composed this list you ask? Well, I’ve read plot summaries and looked at film stills and from what I can tell, these horror movies featuring your favorite artists seem decent enough. I mean, some of them look totally kitschy, but isn’t that a part of the fun? This year, Halloween falls on a Wednesday so as much as I’d love to live in the City That Never Sleeps as a trust fund baby dressing up as a slutty cat/nurse/maid, I have class and work to attend as I’m sure the majority of you do too. So, how about staying in tonight, eating all the candy that should be given out to children with an unrealistic sense of entitlement, and letting me know how it goes. I won’t be watching. My mother’s had enough of my shenanigans.


1) “Bones” starring Snoop Dogg,
directed by Ernest Dickerson

2) “Halloween: Resurrection” starring Busta Rhymes, directed by Rick Rosenthal 

3) “13 Ghosts” starring Rah Digga,
directed by Steve Beck


4) “Seed of Chucky” starring Redman (as himself!), directed by Don Mancini

5) “The Bone Collector” starring Queen Latifah, directed by Phillip Noyce

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