Rap Genius — Top 5 Rap Lines of the Week: Aug 31st

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Rap Genius — Top 5 Rap Lines of the Week: Aug 31st

Time to break down last week’s Rap Genius choice lines! (Some super ill tracks in here, btw.)

5. “Live niggas on deck with they arms crossed/Form a wall in front of Show and A like Pope John Paul” — O.C., “Everytime I Touch the Mic” lyrics

For a track loaded with braggadocio, it only makes sense that the opening line to the third verse is as heavy and hard-hitting as this one. There’s two reasons why someone crosses their arms in a music setting: it’s either to say ‘you ain’t shit’ or it’s to say ‘you ain’t fucking with us.’ Seems as if this line takes the latter approach, providing the imagery of a group of men lined up like security protecting the legendary artists on the track. Comparing themselves to Pope John Paul surely denotes how important they are to the game.

4. “The night they made me, probably listen to O’Jays/That’s why I love music — keep it running like O.J.” — Rapsody, “Beautiful Music” lyrics

Rapsody takes the first line speaking of her conception and how her parents were probably listening to the O’Jays, a legendary and historical American R&B group who were probably the reason many children were ever born…. ANYWAY, the second half of the line is a quirky play on words, flipping out O’Jays for O.J. Simpson and making reference to his 1994 televised pursuit from the law. The O.J. case went on to be one of the most prolific trials of the century, while the O’Jays’ were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005.

3. “So offered her some money, but she started quoting Jay to me/’I’ll do you one better and I’ll slay these niggas faithfully’/I don’t need you to pay for me, I just need you to pray for me'” — Talib Kweli, “Fly Away”

“I’ll do you one better and I’ll slay these niggas faithfully” is a line from Jay-Z’s track “Dead Presidents II” and is prefaced by the story of his friend laid up in a hospital bed saying “Pray for me”. Likewise, Talib’s “Fly Away” tells the story of a woman trying to find herself through troubling times. While the narrator of the story offers her money on her pursuit to find the father of her child, all she asks for is prayer.

2. “Well, big whips, I lived it/You backwards in a Civic” — Fred The Godson, “Funkmaster Flex Freestyle” lyrics

The second half of the line is such a clever use of wordplay, considering “Civic” is actually a palindrome, a word spelled and read the same way in either direction. Having originally said he’s lived the life of luxurious cards and dated that to a past tense, he follows it up saying you’re living ‘backwards’/in the past if you’re still driving a [Honda] Civic. Pretty straight forward, especially since Fred ruins the moment and explains everything in the next line of that freestyle…

1. “This artist spit SARS every song I pick/The fans coming out the blue like some former Crips” — Nino Bless, “Black Suits Fill the Room” lyrics

There was a point between 2002 and 2004 where a SARS epidemic (severe acute respiratory syndrome) had caught the world, especially China, in a panicked frenzy. Nino saying he spits SARS indicates that he’s not only an infectious rhymer, but he murders the tracks he spits on (metaphorically, of course). The second half of the line makes reference to the Crips, who’s gang is represented by the colour blue. Saying the fans are coming ‘out the blue like some former Crips’ means they’re coming out of not only a indoctrinated mindset and mentality, but they’re also coming out of unexpected areas, so to speak.



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