[Video] Jesse Boykins III “The Perfect Blues”

[Video] Jesse Boykins III “The Perfect Blues”

Jesse Boykins III and MeLo-X are set to release their full-length collaboration project Zulu Guru in October, and the video for the album’s second release has just dropped. “The Perfect Blues” is a sexy, eclectic ballad that features production from Gora Sou, and silky, sultry vocals from JB3 that breeze over the funky claps and tribal drums; leaving listeners in a trance.

But let’s talk about that video…

Harlem native Dr. Woo shot this SPECTACULAR optical experience, capturing Boykins’ raw, earthy beauty; and the lush, colourful landscape of Japan (where the video was shot). I am so excited to visit this beautiful country someday! But until I can scrape together the plane fare, this video will have to suffice. Check out “The Perfect Blues” below, and keep your ears peeled for Zulu Guru, which drops in North America on October 30th, followed by a worldwide release on November 5th.

Oh, and PS: for the ladies who lust over Jesse’s magnificent mane, fear not. The tamed top knot he’s wearing comes undone halfway through the video. 🙂


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