Rap Genius’s “Top 5 Rap Lines” of the Week – Ladies Love Lyrics too!

Rap Genius’s “Top 5 Rap Lines” of the Week – Ladies Love Lyrics too!

Rap Genius and Bad-Perm.com team up to bring you Rap Genius’sTop 5 Rap Lines” of the week – from a woman’s perspective. Each week Bad-Perm.com will post Rap Genius’s choice for the “Top 5 Rap Lines” in the week with a Ladies Love Lyrics breakdown of them. Below is Sandra’s breakdown of this week’s lyrics:

5.  “My two-door is retarded, I call that bitch Special Ed/I don’t even know her name, I just call her Special Head” — Young Jeezy, ‘Hail Mary’ lyrics

In the first bar, Jeezy’s referring to a two-door, most likely two seat luxury car. I sincerely hope it’s not a four seat two-door car, which might suffice in high school as a great vehicle to conduct lunch break hook ups in (not that I would know anything about that shit), but it’s definitely not fit for the reigning prince of the trap. In the second bar, he refers to a woman whose fellating skills seemed to earn her a nickname. It’s good to remember your partners’ names though, just in case you catch something, if you know what I mean.

4.  “Live pyrotechnic jacket made out of asbestos/My residence high up in the tree, like where the nest is” — Alchemist, ‘Dirt’ lyrics

Asbestos is widely distributed commercially for its desirable physical properties. A pyrotechnic jacket made from asbestos implies that he can release fire, but is unaffected by the elements. He holds a residence high up in the food chain of life. Perhaps he’s referring to Heaven – or the next best thing, the Hollywood Hills.

3.  “I fuck my Spanish chick insanely/And always keep my N.Y. fitted on, to the point she call me Daddy Yankee” — Jae Millz, ‘I Shot Ya’ lyrics 

What’s better than a beautiful Nuyorican woman? Not many things. Even though Daddy Yankee is an established reggaeton rapper, Jae owes his pet name to his sexual prowess and representation of the Empire State. I never understood why men enjoyed that incestuous shit. It makes me want to examine them through a Freudian lens and inquire about how long they were breastfed for.

2.  “I was fitted to wear that fitted and wear that living/For the livid, you hear that penning? Well yeah, that did it” — Skyzoo, ‘Jansport Strings’ lyrics

Skyzoo may not wear a crown, but a fitted cap is his crowning glory. He sees himself as a king who was born to live within the hip-hop sphere. He’s very confident in his rhymes and he invites any disbelievers to look at all the bars he’s written.

1.  “Rap-wise, I’m like penny-wise, copper Foamposites, penny Pennys/Never penny-pinch, paid a pretty penny for the image, not a blemish/Epitome, a kindred spirit” — Willie the Kid, ‘Marina’ lyrics

Willie paid the cost to be the boss. His Nike kicks are fresh and he’s not cheap when it comes to giving himself the finer things in life. His experiences give him the artistic license to create himself and he refuses to let anyone murk up his image or reputation.

Groaner of the Week:

“Asking me about money, wonder what’s my net worth/People trying to come sue me, call up J.G. Wentworth” — Mac Miller, ‘Glow’ lyrics

Young, naive Mac. If you stop using other people’s beats without permission, perhaps you wouldn’t be getting sued. No structured settlement is going to save your reputation if you continuing doing what you’re doing.

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