Rap Genius — Top 5 Rap Lines of the Week” Aug 17th

Rap Genius — Top 5 Rap Lines of the Week” Aug 17th

Time for another Top 5 Rap Lines of the week! This time, it’s A. Harmony’s turn to break down the top 5 lines that the good folks over at Rap Genius have chosen for this week. Let’s see what we’ve got:

5.  “Fell for a bad bitch, but she was on some me shit/Tried to take my son away, call that ho a eclipse” — Mikkey Halstead, ‘Beats TV Freestyle’ lyrics

Cute little play on words there. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks the sun, essentially taking it “away” from sight for a time. In this line, Mikkey talks about his “bad bitch”-turned baby mom, who is selfish enough (on her “me shit”) to try to take his son away from him.


4. “Last year, niggas was emo/But this year, they sticking to the G code” — Dice Raw, ‘Fake MCs’ lyrics

In this song, Dice Raw goes IN on wack emcees everywhere. I liken wack emcees to tofu: they’re bland, tasteless, and ready to transform take on whatever the flavour of the day happens to be. One second, they want to be sugar sweet and “EMO”tional on a record; the next minute they want to be hard-ass gangsters. Wack emcees are nothing but actors with microphones. (See what I did there? No, you don’t).


3.  “I know first-hand words is money/I learned they coded language, observed these dummies” — Heems  Killing Time’ lyrics

I had to listen to this full song to truly understand this line. I believe Heems is talking about his time in university and how, he didn’t really learn anything in class, but learned how to navigate the the “system” we live in by learning its “coded language” (laws). Heems is a lot like Kanye West on the College Dropout album, in that he learns that a degree isn’t necessarily the key to financial gain/success as we believe it to be. Rather, the people who succeed in life are those born to successful parents and are basically guaranteed a healthy trust fund and an executive role in Daddy’s corporation just based on family ties. Heems says: “Words is money”. The laws are written to ensure that those who are in power, stay in power. Dope track! 


2. “Left ventricle — check it out, it’s not too mental for/The brother Com Sense, I keep on breathing more/Different type of styles/Yo, I told you I’m coming from my chest/So I always been the best”Sway in the Morning Freestyle Pt. 1 lyrics


These lines are from Common’s freestyle on Sway’s Shade45 morning radio radio show where, Sway would call out random words or phrases, and Common had to incorporate them into his impromptu rhymes. Oh, and there was nary a smartphone or notebook to be seen. (THAT, kiddies is the true definition of a “freestyle”).

Anyway, Sway threw out random words like “prehistoric”, “hell on wheels” and “forensic evidence” and Com Sense held his own, however, he was thrown for a loop when Sway said “left ventricle”. (Sway exclaimed “I got him!!” when Common faltered, then erupted in laughter). The Chicago emcee bounced right back though, with a quick set of bars that incorporated the human heart. Nice save, Common..



1. “But you had an all-white affair, grandpa’s all fly/Even though you been got there, goodbye” — Joell Ortiz, ‘Goodbye’ lyrics

“Goodbye” is a heavy, introspective track by [three quarters of] Slaughterhouse where Joe Budden, Crooked I and Joell Ortiz talk about the personal losses and tragedies they’ve had to endure. Joe Budden recounts losing his twin children, who died in the womb and were stillborn. Crooked I talks about watching his father figure uncle lose his battle with cancer. Joell Ortiz’s verse deals with the pain of losing his grandmother. In his verse, Ortiz describes the  grief he and his family felt after learning about his grandmother’s death; reminisces on better times spent with her; and finds solace in the fact that she had a proper funeral: an all white affair, in which her husband, Joell’s grandfather, gets dressed to the nines to salute his fallen bride.  

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