Hip Hop & Education

Hip Hop & Education

There has been an abundance of writing, recording and film produced discussing the bridging of Hip Hop Culture with academia. Many of the who’s-who and the who-shouldn’t-have are approaching the concept from numerous angles and perceptions.

This approach is different…ever heard of nepotism?

Filmmaker and CEO/Founder of Carter Magazine, Queon Martin, has created a film based on the philosophy of nepotism and bartering; relating it to Hip Hop, education, youth progression and change. 

The documentary is titled Bridging the Gap Between History & Hip Hop: Black Wall Street.  It is filled with impactful images and stories of the 600+ successful African American business owners and educators from the 36-square block section of North Tulsa, Oklahoma during the early 1900s. The legacies of these pioneers are shared with the viewer by way of prominent community figures, business owners, educators and artists discussing the correlation between Hip Hop’s journey and American history. They also share the importance of bridging knowledge gaps for the progression of youth. With insight and discussion from the likes of Prodigy, Tony Steele, Geofferey Canada, Pastor A.R. Bernard, Kim Osorio, Danny Simmons and so many more, it is an ideal conversation starter!


View it for yourself:

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