Trixx is the homie! Not only is he one of the funniest comedians in Canada, he’s also one of Toronto’s biggest promoters. No, not a party promoter, a support and advocate of our homegrown talent and artists. Trixx supports Toronto music, especially hip-hop, to the fullest. I swear at one point I thought Drake was paying him to promote or he was his management or something. He wasn’t any of the mentioned, he was simply a fan and supporter. That just goes to show you how unselfish Trixx is. While he could be promoting only his talents (and he’s one multi-talented dude), he always makes a conscious effort to spread the word about Canadian talent. Even personally with Bad Perm, Trixx would big us up at various events, while just in our infancy. Trixx doesn’t have to wait for you to blow up to give you props, he recognizes your efforts from early on.

Trixx is no stranger to Toronto and Canada. Anyone who follows the urban industry would recognize that Trixx is the comedian of controversy. The honesty in his jokes is what captures audiences of all nationalities. Some may also recognize Trixx from Much Music’s Video On Trial and Stars Gone Wild. He’s also graced the radio as a host and also as a talented DJ. That’s right! This comedian also spins records on the 1s and 2s! He’s currently one of the most sought out hosts for numerous events in the city.

I chose Trixx for this latest installment of “Live From The Underground”, because not only did I figure I would get a few funny responses to these random questions, but because he’s such a big hip-hop head:

Is there any one year or moment in your career that you would want to live over?

I would love to do high school all over again. The things I went through in high school would’ve had way different results, if I had the mentality I have now! I would’ve had way more girls because my confidence is way more than what it was back then. I also don’t give a fuck about rejection anymore. I was so shy and scared and handled certain confrontations like a pussy. If I was the way I am now, trust me, some better decisions would’ve been made and I’ll leave it at that.

Best/Favorite hip-hop era?

Fave hip-hop era would be the 90’s, that’s when I fell in love with hip-hop. When I first heard The Main Ingredient by Pete Rock and CL Smooth, I was hooked. It changed my whole perception of hip-hop. There was just something about Pete Rock’s beats! I fell in love with his jazzy elements and cool vibes throughout the record. When I listen to music, I let it take me to a place mentally and The Main Ingredient always took me to a good place. When I heard tracks like “Searching”, “I Get Physical”, “Carmel City” and especially “In the Flesh”… I don’t know, to this day, there’s just something about that album and I can’t explain it, but I’m in love with it.

If you could put together a super group, what emcees, producers and DJ’s would be in it?

My super group would have to be Pete Rock and DJ Premier as the producers, with Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill and Drake as the rappers!

Name 5 essential songs that you must listen to on a daily if not weekly basis.

Five songs that I must listen to on a weekly basis are “Easier” by Shi Wisdom, “Mr Parker” by Kardinal Offishall feat. Shi Wisdom, “Beautiful People” by Chris Brown, “Feeling Single” by R. Kelly and “Lord Knows” by Drake.

The Toronto support is endless! Who’s your favorite female emcee?

Lauryn Hill, because she’s mad talented. She can sing, write and is a pretty dope lyricist as well. Love that she can do it all. Too bad she went crazy and writes about beavers and meadows. Such a shame!

Ok dying of laughter…beavers and meadows?!?
If you could spend the day with one political figure (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Definitely Martin Luther King! He could probably teach me how to deal with the politics of this industry better than anyone.

On that note, if you could resurrect one artist/comedian who would it be?

Michael Jackson! He was the best entertainer I’ve ever seen in my life and he was my childhood hero. Period! And I miss him.

What’s you favorite flick?

My favourite movie is Back to The Future 2 or The Lost Boys. Favorite black film would probably be Juice or Higher Learning.

Can you identify/relate to any of the characters in these films.

I think I can identify a little with Marty McFly (Back to The Future), mainly because he was looking for that “destined to be great moment” at times. I love Back to The Future because I’ve always been fascinated with time travel and escaping reality for just a moment. I always flirt with the idea of going back in time to change my future with the things I know now.

What TV/Film character best describes you?

Probably Beetlejuice, because I’m a bit of a fun person who can be a little shit disturber at times.

Bernie Mac or Richard Pryor?

Richard Pryor.

What would you ask Richard Pryor if he was still alive?

I would ask Richard Pryor how to find my voice. I would pick his brain on how to make real life situations funny. I would also ask him how to tap into who I am for the sake of comedy and becoming a timeless comedian.

Best/Favorite city to perform?

New York City (Manhattan). I’m just in love with the city of NY…its vibe, its bright lights. I don’t know what it is, you just feel like you can accomplish pretty much anything there. The city definitely makes you feel like you are somewhere special. Can’t explain it.

If the world ends this year, what’s the last song you would want to listen to before midnight?

That’s a hard one, but it would probably be “One More Night” by Phil Collins.

What an incredible choice! Name one artist that your fans would be surprised/shocked to know you listen to their music?

Christopher Cross or Chicago.

In your opinion, what’s the best album ever made?

Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Best concert that you’ve ever been to?

That’s a tough one. Definitely PRINCE at the ACC (Air Canada Centre).

If tomorrow was your last day to do stand-up comedy, where would you perform and what would the subject matter be?

I would love to do Massey Hall…and the subject matter would be how far I’ve come and how far I’m going!

If you could do anything other than comedy, what would you be doing?

I would teach Grade 8. I was taken out of my regular school and thrown into a private church school, so I never got to experience grade 8 or the excitement of grade 9. Teaching grade 8 would be my way of getting that year back.


Trixx has recently released some hilarious webisodes and can be found on his website. I would just like to thank Trixx on behalf of the Bad-Perm team for always showing your support to not only what we are doing over here, but also for the support you give all Canadian artists.

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