In the past few months, I’ve familiarized myself with the Mello Music Group roster. While many of you may be more interested in Maybach Music Group, my interests have been in the amazing hip-hop music coming from Mello Music Group’s camp. One of the MMG affiliates that has managed to catch my attention is Boog Brown. This Detroit native who currently resides in Atlanta, has been rapping “officially” for about 3 years, but her writing goes back to the age of 14. Yes, Boog is a female emcee, however I don’t use gender to define great lyricists. Boog is a dope emcee period, with a style that is very confident, honest and smooth. Her breath control is impeccable, thus providing an effortless flow in her music. Boog’s lyrical ability speaks for itself and expresses her poetry writing skills.

Boog has collaborated with noted artists and producers including Georgia Anne Muldrow, Illastrate, Apollo Brown, Invincible, Miz Korona, StaHHr, 14KT, Dunc (DTMD), MarvWon and Has-Lo, to name a few. Her project with producer Apollo Brown, The Brown Study LP, is easily one of my favorite projects from 2010. Not only was the album laced with incredible beats by Apollo, Boog’s voice and flow meshed almost perfectly. My standout tracks on that album are “Master Plan”, “Friction” feat. Miz Korona and Invincible, “Just Be”, “Carpe Diem”, “Shine”, “UPS”, “Understanding”…I might as well say all of the tracks! This album stays in heavy rotation on my iPod, I suggest you add this album to your collection. The lyrics alone will entice you to want to get to know this emcee even more. The Brown Study Remixes which dropped in December 2011, took some of the already dope tracks from Brown Study and made them into new tracks, just as great as the originals. Standouts: “Growth” (14K Remix), “UPS” (Dunc of DTMD Remix), “Masterplan” (Illastrate Remix) and “Understanding” (Audible Doctor Remix).

Naturally, here at Bad-Perm we want you to get to know a little bit about the artist behind the great lyrics. I sent Boog Brown some random questions that she may not be asked on a regular. Here are her responses:

Do you prefer living in Atlanta over Detroit?

Of course I do. Detroit is home…always, but in Atlanta I am able to be me and do me without the extra. If you’re from Detroit, you understand what that “extra” means.

Name 6 essential songs that you must listen to on a daily if not weekly basis?

“Delay” by yU feat Oddisee and XO
“Nature Feels” by Frank Ocean
“Patience” by Clan Destined
“Stack Yo Paypuh” by Clear Soul Forces
“Hey” by Ta’Raach
“Time” by Houseshoes feat Big Tone

If you could choose one DJ to spin at your 80th Birthday party who would it be?

HOUSESHOES all day long, no second thoughts. When he spins, there is a feeling I have not felt listening to another. It’s like he’s my own personal playlist. In my head I’m always thinking “how did he know I was JUST wanting to hear this song???” He’s phenomenal!!

If you could put together a supergroup, what emcees, producers and/or DJ’s would be in it?

Producers: Joe D, Lex Boogie from the Bronx, James “Dilla” Yancey, Paten Locke, Illastrate and Ta’Raach.
Emcees: yU, DT of Clan Destined, Dillon Maurer, StaHHr, Sa-Roc and Adrift da Belle.

That’s definitely not your typical supergroup, but no doubt a very eclectic group of artists. Next question: If the world “ends” this year, what’s the last song you would want to listen to before midnight?

“We all Try” by Frank Ocean. What an incredible writer and arranger, WOW! It’s one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I wish to be that honest and vulnerable in my works. Brilliance!

Do you feel your music can make positive changes in hip-hop?

I would like to believe that is so, but selfishly I make music for me. I hope if you feel it, you fuck with it, but I cant wait for a co-sign or for it to change lives. Change is always a personal decision.

What was your worst experience with a male in this industry and how did you deal with it?

My worst experience with a male in this industry came with my first album and someone tried to play me for the chump, like I was not dope. I was mad at first then I kept it movin’. Still movin’. FBGM!!!!!!!!

Favorite city to visit and why?

Brooklyn, NYC!!! I always learn or love something hard when I am there. It has a way of revealing yourself to yourself every single time.

I can agree with you on that one. There’s something very organic about Brooklyn.
If you could resurrect one artist who would it be and why?

Let’s bring Aaliyah back so we could make so amazing music.

Name one artist that your fans would be surprised/shocked to know you listen to their music?

Prolly Rick Ross. That is one funny dude. Plus, he understands how to craft a song. He’s dope as shit in that regard.

Bawse. Best/Favorite hip-hop era and why?

I don’t play favorites in that way. Music has a way of evolving and growing within your life, so I just roll with it.

Favorite film? Blaxploitation flick?

Muthafuckin Last Dragon!!! I think that counts for both right? haaa!

Joe Budden Pool Party or Backyard BBQ with Royce da 5’9?

I got a case of noassatall, so a BBQ with Royce would prolly be better for my insecurities, lol!

If you could do anything else what would you be doing?

I would be the best mother and wife on the planet for my husband.

Favorite comfort food?

Anytime I feel a way, a well cooked steak makes me feel better. Usually made by me with sauteed mushies and onions, steamed asparagus and a nice big arugula salad. Mmmmmm!!!!!!!

Name one guilty pleasure.

Masturbation. Haaa!! Does that count? No really….Okay no really, Porn.

Is there any one year or moment in your career that you would want to live over?

Nope!!! I am content with lessons learned and eager for the new!


Learn more about this incredible artist on the Mello Music Group website and cop her albums. Also check out some LIVE performance footage that we caught of Boog at last year’s A3C Festival.

Follow her on twitter: @boogbrown

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