Ladies Love Lyrics: Ghostface Killah’s Cherchez LaGhost

Ladies Love Lyrics: Ghostface Killah’s Cherchez LaGhost

For a long time, Cherchez LaGhost held a bittersweet place in my heart, mainly because of the way I was first exposed to it.

When I was 15, I fell for a boy who I’ll refer to as J. Now, J and I could have had a long, prosperous relationship…except for the fact that J actually liked a girl I’ll refer to as C. At the time, C was everything I wasn’t. She was older, more experienced, her art was more edgy and she had that round-the-way-girl appeal that attracted boys like no tomorrow. Oh, and she drove a car and anyone who’s ever been to high school knows the colossal significance a license and a car hold.

Anyways, one day when I was walking home from school, C drove by me blasting Cherchez LaGhost. I had never heard the song before so I decided to look it up when I got home. Instantly I was hooked to the lyrics, the beat and the video.

Ghostface played a lyrical movie in my mind. A tale of a forlorn gangster who was half-heartedly searching for a lost love, while contemplating all the sexual escapades he could have as a free man. All this was set against the backdrop of an exotic place where the sun was simmering and the women wore flowers their hair. It was kind of like Scarface meets City of God.

Yeah I was pissed at C for snatching up my boo, but I should have also thanked her for exposing me to one of my favorite songs of all time.

[Madam Majestic]
Tommy Mattola, lives on the road
He lost his lady, two months ago
Maybe he’ll find her, maybe he won’t
Oh wonder that love

Now, for some of you familiar with the name Tommy Mottola, you’ll know him as the executive of Casablanca Records and ex-husband of Mariah Carey. He went on to marry Mexican songstress Thalia in December of 2000. Cherchez LaGhost was released in March of 2000. So what is the Ghostface Killah-Tommy Mottola-Thalia connection here? Is it some torrid love triangle? No people. Basically, Cherchez LaGhost samples Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band song Cherchez La Femme. In the opening line of their song, they mention Tommy Mottola. Cherchez LaGhost is simply repeating the original.

[Ghostface Killah, (U-God)]
Brothers try to pass me, but none could match me
No girl can freak me, I’m just too nasty

Ghostface is basically letting the audience know not only about his formidable strength, but also of his sexual prowess.

Lost on the dance floors, I attack y’all
Snuck through the back door, guess who they saw?

If a fight breaks out, you can expect Ghost to be slick like a ninja. Basically, you can run but you can’t hide.

Goldie and Ghost, black African Rose

Goldie refers to U-God’s album Golden Arms Redemption (as an alias of sorts) and black African Rose appears to be referencing a beautiful woman from the continent whose name may be Rose.

Star-studded low lenses, plus the mural was dope
Airbrush W-B’s, STOP!
(Shake your body, body)
And cop a couple of these
(She’s a hottie, hottie)

Ghost likes to wear embellished shades as well as Clarks Wallabees shoes. He often has them customized to go with his outfits. He’s saying that women find his style attractive and you could use a few pointers, son.

[Madam Majestic]
Scottfree and Chauncey, very upset
They’re sick and tired of living in debt
Tired of roaches and tired of rats
I know they are over

I have searched high and low through the parallel universe known as the internet. Who are Scottfree and Chauncey? They don’t appear to be characters in a film, superheroes in a comic book or historical figures. All the results from my search engine simply point to Cherchez LaGhost. This is what I was talking about early. This is so much more than a song. This is a story, a lyrical film, a testament to Ghost’s ability to paint pictures within our mind.

One in the head, I’m fed, this is how we doin’,
Put a Ruff Ryder on my dick, bust right through ’em

Ruff Ryder is a condom brand and U-God is insinuating that his um, ahem, man juice (yeah I said man juice) and sexual capability can destroy this supposedly superior prophylactic.

Come out your shirt, insert the party rhyme
Fine Dr. Buzzard, Bacardi Lime
We passin’ it, takes the shake your Calvin Klein
Before the floor gets moist, taste and follow mine

Men, get hyped and take your shirts off. Dr. Buzzard who wrote the original Cherchez la Femme, U-God is inviting you to drink with him. Everybody in designer CK’s, shake your booty and follow U-God’s flow before the floor gets sticky from split drinks.

Swallow nine, model dimes from Bahamas
Slim doo-doo makers stuffed inside pajamas

From what I understood, U-God is saying he has nine lives, like a cat and he’s inviting beautiful model women to fellate him for all his nine lives. But beware, all is not as perfect as it seems. Some ladies appear to be falsely advertising with butt pads.

[Madam Majestic, (U-God), (Ghost)]
They’ll take all your rhymes with a Colgate smile, hey baby
They’ll love you one second, then hate you the next
Oh ain’t it crazy baby, yeah

People can steal your lyrics and ideas all while maintaining the perfect, unsuspecting smile. The same way they adore you one second, they can pull a 180 and betray you the next.

Tony’s his name, the undefeated champion, whoa, yeah
Tony Starks, aka Iron Man, one of Ghost’s aliases.
(Blow ’em down God)
Now he’s alone, he’s just the king of his throne

Remember how he lost his lady, his queen? He’ll still continue to reign as king regardless.

(Yeah, aha)
Always will be my friend, Ghostface Killah
(Truly yours, peace boo)

Ghost and Madam Majestic appear to have a close friendship.

With all that said, if anyone has any information on who Scottfree or Chauncey are, please let me know. I’m still dying of curiosity.

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