[FASHION] HIP HOP FASHION LABELS – The Good, The Bad,The Ugly and The Ones That Got Away: Part 3

[FASHION] HIP HOP FASHION LABELS – The Good, The Bad,The Ugly and The Ones That Got Away: Part 3

In part 3 of the  4 part series Hip Hop Fashion Labels – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Ones That Got Away we’re going to talk about The Ones That Got Away. In case you need a refresher on how these labels are being broken down, here are the definitions.

The Good, these are the labels that are very popular, fashionable, make a lot of money and have been around for years. These are the labels that changed the game.

The Bad, these are the labels that missed their mark. Was it the design? Was it because it was too expensive/cheap? Did they miss their target audience?

The Ugly, these are labels that may still be in business today, or maybe they failed, but they had/have hideous clothes. These are the fashion labels that should have never been and that show why an artist and a fashion line are not always synonymous.

The Ones That Got Away, these are the fashion labels that never made it out the gate.

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Now that you’re all versed on the breakdowns and the contest, let’s get into The Ones That Got Away.

Kanye West – Pastelle

Being a fashion icon, a clothing line and Kanye West should have gone hand in hand, but after working on the brand for years in fall 2009 just 2 hours after pictures from the line’s look book leaked, High Snobiety reported that the line will never be. At the time it was reported that he will release a collection under his own name, we now know that collection was DW, which was named after his mother and debuted in 2011 at Paris Fashion Week.

Jay-Z – S.Carter

In 2005 after Jay-Z broke away from his partner Damon Dash he was set to launch  his own clothing line called S.Carter. There are two rare pictures of Jay-Z in jackets that would have been a part of the line (one pictured below on the left). In the end Jay-Z ended up buying Damon Dash out of his Rocawear contract which he in turn flipped and now acts as a Chairman of Rocawear.


Notorious B.I.G – Brooklyn Mint

A clothing line was always one of Biggie’s dreams but unfortunately due to his untimely death, the clothing line wasn’t able to kick off the way it should have. Fast forward to 2005 when his mother and former managers made sure his vision came to life and released the clothing line. Earlier this year his daughter announced that she will be taking the line over and continuing her father’s vision.

Ludacris – Colored People Times (C.P. Time)

Ludacris had high hopes for releasing his own clothing line entitled C.P Time. This line never actually saw the light of day, but that shouldn’t break Luda’s spirits as he went on to release his own line of Cognac called Conjure and his own line of headphones.


Busta Rhymes – Bushi Sport

In 1999 Busta Rhymes and designer Rasheed Booth started Bushi, which Busta has said in interviews is a slang term for ‘Bourgoise’ and a Japanese term for warrior. At the time the bold designs and graphics weren’t mass marketing friendly and this line never made it quite out the gate. I guess peopled weren’t feeling the sleeveless shirts and kimono jackets?


What clothing lines do you wish came out?

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