[FASHION] HIP HOP FASHION LABELS – The Good, The Bad,The Ugly and The Ones That Got Away: Part 1

[FASHION] HIP HOP FASHION LABELS – The Good, The Bad,The Ugly and The Ones That Got Away: Part 1

Hip Hop superstars and fashion labels are becoming more and more synonymous. It seems like everyone has a fashion label nowadays…or at least did at one point in their career. In this four part series, I’m going to break down “Hip Hop Fashion Labels – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Ones That Got Away”

The Good, these are the labels that are very popular, fashionable, make a lot of money and have been around for years. These are the labels that changed the game.

The Bad, these are the labels that missed their mark. Was it the design? Was it because it was too expensive/cheap? Did they miss their target audience?

The Ugly, these are labels that may still be in business today, or maybe they failed, but they had/have hideous clothes. These are the fashion labels that should have never been and that show why an artist and a fashion line are not always synonymous.

The Ones That Got Away, these are the fashion labels that never made it out the gate.

Today we’re going to start off with the ugly.

Lil Wayne – Trukfit

Lil Wayne recently launched this line and this is how he explained it.

“There was a truck that would come around the neighborhood for the less-fortunate people that can’t go to those stores, and he would have those same items — those Polos, those Tommys — for less,” Tunechi explained. “If you were known to have that outfit, then it was not called an ‘outfit,’ it was called a ‘truck fit.’”

This has got to be one of the ugliest fashion labels. No, seriously. The clothing looks like nothing special, it looks like a bathing ape/bbc knock off mixed in with some west 49 flavor. Too much going on at once, trying to be too many things to everyone, just like it’s creator.

Eminem – Shady Ltd.

Shady Ltd. was launched in 2003 at the height of Eminem‘s career. As Eminem‘s music output began to decrease, so did interest in the collection.  The line consisted of bright, super baggy tees, hoodies, sweats and jerseys that Eminem and his label mates such as D12 wore. Outside of the fact that the clothes were Eminem‘s, they were nothing really special, just Shady slapped on everything possible. Unlike his music, the brand didn’t have that personal touch and connection to the fans and audience.


These are ads of the brand after it relaunched. Again, still nothing special and quite ugly.                                                                                                                        

Master P – No Limit/P.Miller

No Limit Clothing was another venture to add to Master P‘s already growing list, which included a record label, movie company, credit card company and toy line, just to name a few. When the label went bankrupt, it was no surprise the clothing line did as well. That didn’t stop Master P from trying again, in the early 2000’s he resurfaced with his clothing line called P.Miller, which in 2008 began to sell exclusively through Wal-Mart. The line can’t be found there today, but I wonder if this will be the last of the Miller family clothing or will Romeo now start coming out with lines under his name?

Bow Wow – Shago

Bow Wow started his own line called Shago, which is a moniker of his real name Shad Gregory Moss. The line was very baggy and plain. It just looked like other brands and labels with a different name on it. The main reason to me why his label didn’t sell is because his male clothing line didn’t appeal to his young female fans. It’s no surprise why this label didn’t last.

Ja Rule & Irv Gotti – Ervingeoffrey

In 2003 Ja Rule and Irv Gotti got together to form Ervingeoffrey, derived from both of their government names. The tees were plain, while the denim and varsity apparel reminded me of knockoff Rocawear mixed with Pepe Jeans. It was no surprise to me why this label fell through the cracks with the rest of Murder Inc. I wonder if we’ll see a part 2 with the resurrection of Ashanti‘s career and Irv orchestrating her comeback.


Now, let’s be honest, did you wear any of these brands? Did you think you were the hot sh*t wearing them?? If so, I want to know about it and better yet see it! We’re giving you two ways to win.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you wore any of these labels. For another chance to win, Tweet @badpermdotcom with the hashtag #BadPermHookMeUp with pictures in your ‘ugliest’ hip hop fashion and be entered into our contest for a chance to win some dope gear courtesy of our friends over at Freshest Goods.

One winner will be selected from all the photo comments received from the “Hip Hop Fashion Labels – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Ones That Got Away” series by July 29th 2012. The winner will be announced via the comment section and twitter on July 30th 2012.

Good luck!!!

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