Where’s the Beef?

Where’s the Beef?

What a controversial couple of weeks this has been! Something in the water, Stars? Who knows? It seems everything I read is showing someone mad at somebody. Twitter lines are blowing up! I’m going to give you the long and the short of it so you don’t have to waste your time.

Let’s start out with the most recent: Chris Brown vs. Drake. Drake and Rihanna are together. The story goes that Chris Brown (I always say his first and last name. He just has one of those names) sends a bottle to Drake’s table. Drake rejects with a “F*ck you” note of some sort and a fight ensues. We get a gross Twitter image of a chunk of Chris Brown’s chin missing and the “n-word” about a dozen times. Is it just me or was everyone kind of thinking that at some point, this dude would have something bad happen to him? I mean, the Ri Ri thing was pretty publicized and he APOLOGIZED and took the blame so…umm…yeah…no surprise here. Also, not really surprised that a bottle is what hit him and not a fist…Drake seems like a bottle-thrower to me.

Moving right along: Ms. Badu vs. The Flaming Lips. I really dislike this one. I am having a hard time figuring out who appears at fault and I never want to think my precious Badu is wrong. Story goes; Erykah was to be in a video for a song with The Flaming Lips. Her sister was called in for certain scenes. According to EB, she was not a part of the final editing/review process and the video was released with more graphic scenes of her and her sister than she had hoped. I saw the video. It was raw but didn’t strike me as odd at first, seeing as to how she ran down a crowded street butt-naked for a video once. I read her letter, and can see her point. Flaming Lips responded in no uncertain terms calling Erykah a drama queen and claiming that controversy was her “thing”. One thing is for sure: I bet this video has gotten a ton more hits since Erykah came out saying it was too graphic. I know quite a few people who wouldn’t mind seeing our lady in something deemed “graphic”. Here’s the video, and here is a picture of Ms. Badu being fabulous:

Probably the most on-going, wont-die, would-you-please-shut-up beefs, Nicki Minaj vs anyone that will say they don’t like her new song (the main being Hot 97 DJs). After saying her new song was not “hip hop” (which IT IS NOT), Nicki pulled out of Summer Jam which made matters even worse. It started with Peter Rosenberg and then Funkmaster FLEX, FLEX, FLEX and some more FLEX. They were tweeting, talking…and then most recently, Rosenberg posted a parody video. I think this one will continue quite a bit longer seeing as to how the station is getting the attention. C’mon son, Nicki should just be quiet and hope it dies down with the least amount of damage. But, we are talking about the first lady of Young Money…

This is one of my favorite videos in this “beef”. DMX tells him how to handle it in true X fashion…”what these bitches waaaaaaaant?”

Last, but probably the most “WTF moment” of the week….Canibus vs. Himself. Unless you have been under a hip-hop rock, you know about the “battle” between Dizaster and Canibus. Just to recap: Canibus shows up, kinda battles, forfeits, and THEEEEEEEN, in the biggest no-no ever, pulls out a HUGE notepad and reads written rhymes until the audience lets him know that basically they came to see a freestyle battle and not a poetry reading. I understand from his little speech before he whipped it the notebook that he is a technical rapper and not a freestyler. I know numerous folks that are the same way buuuuuuut…they don’t enter a PAY-PER-VIEW battle and do this. Later, some bizarre apologies surfaced which as of late have been identified as being fake. Either way, the battle did not make Canibs look good. And remember the weird anger towards J. Cole last year? Might be time for Canibus to take a timmy-time-out. In case you missed the battle, here it is. *watch at your own risk*

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