Mecca & The Soul Brother celebrates 20 Years

Mecca & The Soul Brother celebrates 20 Years

This Saturday happens to be a very special day not only for Pete Rock and CL Smooth, but a very important day for me personally. I am celebrating a defining moment in my hip-hop life, The 20 Year Anniversary of Mecca and the Soul Brother. This album really captured me and made me fall deeply in love with hip-hop music. I played Mecca religiously from start to finish, never skipping a track. It also connected me to the “hip-hop dudes” who didn’t think a female could possible understand and appreciate the music like they did. I was in the 9th grade when Mecca was released and was amazed at the solid production by Pete Rock. I would sit for hours in the cafeteria after school with “the boys” and talk about each track, each interlude, while doing homework…and we all concluded that Pete Rock was a genius! From that day on, I always paid close attention to the production on an album before even taking in lyrics. The album was not only phenomenally produced, but the vocals from CL Smooth made this one of the greatest albums of the early 90’s, as a matter of fact in hip-hop. My absolute favorite tracks are “Return of the Mecca”, “Straighten It Out”, “Lots of Lovin'”, “For Pete’s Sake” and naturally one of the greatest tracks in hip-hop, “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)”.

Check out this interview by Fuse TV where Pete Rock reflects on Mecca and The Soul Brother, 20 years after its release, to share how the track “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” happened.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth “They Reminisce Over You”

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