Live from the Underground Series: Sean Born

Live from the Underground Series: Sean Born

Here at Bad-Perm, we like to familiarize you with independent artists that you may not have heard of or know much about. We have decided to create “Live from the Underground” series, where you can learn a little bit about talent from the underground. I decided to briefly introduce you to Sean Born, a dope MC from PG County, Maryland who recently released his first project entitled, Behind The Scale. Now, I was a bit late to this album, but when I finally downloaded it, I was amazed with the quality of the product, the solid production and the real, unapologetic lyrics.

The majority of the album is produced by Kev Brown with featured production by Oddisee, Quartermaine, Dunc and Ken Wood. Guest features are minimal, which gives you a chance to really identify with Born’s lyrical prowess. I describe “Behind The Scale” as unadulterated words from a very personal perspective. Born talks about his personal life experiences and even though I may not be able to relate, I can definitely appreciate the honesty in his music.

If you could put together a super group, what 5 artists would be in it?

Lol.. First off Wu-Tang is the original…But my group would be DJ Premier, DJ Pete Rock, Nas, Big L and Biggie.

What are 5 essential songs/albums that you must listen to on a daily, if not weekly basis?

Let’s do albums. This is real, not just cause it’s for the ladies:
1. Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On”…A perfect album.
2. Marvin Gaye “I Want You”… Classic joint right there…Boom!
3. Marvin Gaye “Here, My Dear”…Cold album.
4. Nas “Illmatic”…Probably my favorite Hip-Hop album ever!
5. I’ve been listening to a lot of Ghostface lately so “Supreme Clientele”.

If the world “ends” this year, what’s the last song you would want to listen to before midnight?

“The World is Yours” by Nas… Pete Rock wddurrp!

Best/Favorite hip-hop era?

My favorite era is the 90’s, specifically from 1994-1997. Illmatic, Ready to Die, Redman’s first joint, Muddy Waters, Method Man’s Tical, Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, Duck Down, Tribe, Scarface, Mobb Deep, Tupac… It was crazy back then!

Favorite flick? Why?

City of God. It’s just an awesome movie in all regards. Visually, story…Dope dope movie! Pulp Fiction is a close second.

What character from film/TV best describes your style?

My rap style is Anton Chigurh in “No Country for Old Men”…straight unapologetic killer! My personal style is Ferris Bueller meets Doughboy (Boyz n the Hood).

How do you feel about the reception of “Behind The Scale”? If you could, is there anything you would change?

I think the album was well received, but that’s for other people to decide. I just want as many people as possible to hear it. I wouldn’t change anything.

What artists/producers would you like to work with?

I wanna work with Pete Rock, Primo and True Master.

What’s the title of your new album and what’s the estimated release date?

It’s called “… Til I’m in the Earth” and I’m not sure when it will be released. It’s another Low Budget production.

Seeing that the theme for BTS was about change, transition and growing up, what will the new album be about?

It’s a life/death themed album. A celebration of life and a fearlessness towards death. A perspective of what happens on the other-side. Just more hard beats and real talk. Behind the Scale was a nigga going in one direction… Til I’m in the Earth is a nigga going the opposite…Both building a larger picture.

Do you feel that people can identify with your lyrics?

Yeah I think we connect. And we appreciate the people we connect to. B and I joke all the time about people not knowing what we talkin bout. That’s what it’s about… it’s for the initiated. People don’t care what you talkin bout anyway as long as it sounds fly.

Do you feel your music can make positive changes in hip-hop and music in general?

I don’t even think about that, to be honest. I make music for my friends. If they like it I’m good, everything else is a bonus.

Is there any one year or moment in your career that you would want to live over?

Nah…I wouldn’t. Everything that has happened until now, has made me who I am. I live in the now. You can change your situation by how you move. Life is fluid.

If you could do anything else right now what would you be doing? Future goals?

I’d travel the world. I wanna go everywhere. I would play in the background of this industry, help Kev Brown with his label. I would develop upcoming talent, open a studio and continue on to other endeavors. I also plan to start an AAU basketball team and focus on coaching boys to become well rounded young men.

For more info on this Mello Music Group artist check him out HERE.

Follow him @BackroadBorn

Don’t forget to cop his album Behind The Scale.

*PERFORMANCE ALERT* Catch him performing with Kev Brown and Kaimbr in Hamilton, Ontario on June 15th at The Casbah Lounge – 306 King St W (@Queen)

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