FASHION: Tupac – A Style Icon

FASHION: Tupac – A Style Icon

Tupac Amaru Shakur’s was a style icon for many generations. He had a great sense of style that is still prevalent in today’s fashion.  Today marks his 41st birthday and as a way of celebrating the impact and influence he had on not only music, culture and fashion let’s look back and his style over his brief life.


The picture on the left is from Pac in the 80s, when he was in prep school. His style is just that, very preppy. On the left, from a photoshoot in 1995 he is seen rocking the preppy look again with a button down, khakis and Cartier frames.

He was one of the first to rock a denim coat (seen above on the left at the 1993 Soul Train Music Awards). Above (right) he mixed different shades of blue and denim together and paired it with his infamous bandanna to attend a party in LA.


Tupac (right) with friend Mickey Rourke rocking all white, a leather vest and a red bandanna. On the left he rocks white pants, a snakeskin belt, a beige velour top and a lot of gold. No matter what the occasion called for, when he wore white he definitely made a statement with his outfit.


Even when leaving court Tupac showed his style wearing a Detroit Red Wings jersey and a red bandanna. Pictured on the right with Biggie he’s wearing a biker look, with the leather vest and skulls.


In 1994’s Above the Rim Pac is seen wearing a leather jacket. At the time everyone was rocking leather heavy, but Pac switched it up rocking an Orange leather jacket.  On the right, he’s seen wearing a green leather vest.

At the 1996 Video Music Awards Tupac (above left) with Snoop Dogg dressed it up and rocked a 3 piece suit and a gold chain. On the right he’s seen with rapper Suge Knight again rocking a suit.



This picture on the left of Pac and Jada Pinkette Smith from the different world set is amazing. The colored denim, the beads, the snapback!! This is in style today and worn by many. On the right he rocks a gold chain, white tee and army jacket. Something again you see many wearing today and that is still relevant in today’s fashion.


From preppy, to thug life, to bike gang, to suited up and everything in between, Tupac was always able to rock different looks and make it his own style. He was ahead of fashion in rap and hip hop at the time and we still see many looks that he was daring enough to wear then, worn today.


Happy Birthday once again to a man who’s influenced so much for so many!

Love your ladies of Badperm.

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