Throwback Thursday: Main Source – Just Hangin’ Out

Throwback Thursday: Main Source – Just Hangin’ Out

I stumbled on a dope interview of Large Professor by Complex Magazine yesterday and thought it would be fitting to post Main Source’ “Just Hangin’ Out”. Extra P breaks down the stories behind some of his classic records in the article. His fourth solo album, Professor @ Large, is set for release on June 26th. Read the full story on the Complex website.

Read this excerpt about “Just Hangin’ Out”:

“When I got that ‘90%’ loop, and I figured it out, it was on from there. I brought it to the studio, and was like, ‘We’re gonna rock this shit right here.’ We laid that down, and threw the ‘Season’ drums on it, and was like, ‘Aiight, this shit is really coming together.’

“At that time, I was really OD’ing on the movie Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song. I used to watch that shit every day. It had a scene in it where the dude comes out of the shower, and he’s like, ‘You my man, you my favorite man.’ Threw that in there. Then, ‘Hang Out & Hustle,’ threw that in there.

“Then I threw the Sister Nancy in there. And that’s crazy, because I was in a Chipotle the other day, and you know, I’m getting my snack on, and I heard the Sister Nancy ‘Bam Bam.’ And when I hear it, I feel a kind of pride, you know what I mean, that I brought that [to the hip-hop world]. [Laughs.]

“At that time, I was doing a lot of hanging out. Myself, my man Joe with the Jetta, Dr. Butcher, my man Van, Fatal, Nas, Pete [Rock], going up to Mount Vernon. There was a lot of just going around. That song is where we were at during that time.

“The video was cool because it was young dudes just out here, not really paid or anything, just doing their thing, just standing around, shooting a video. And that was an early Hype Williams video. That’s like his cousin’s house that we’re sitting up in front of. Ralph McDaniels, he hooked us up with that. And [Hype] did his thing with that, especially with the throwback clips. That was dope.”


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