Tasha the Amazon — Where Are You Now

Tasha the Amazon — Where Are You Now

Bad Perm’s own Tasha the Amazon just dropped the third single off of her upcoming mixtape FiDiYootDem and I for one am loving it! Talking about the fakes, lames, and straight up haters in the music industry, “Where Are You Now” is a hard-hitting anthem that plays like an audio middle finger to all naysayers. The beat, (produced by Tasha and Danthrax, who, together make up the Bass & Bakery  production team), is made to be played at ignorant levels, which is exactly what I’m doing as I type. With a voice reminiscent of Santigold, Tasha delivers snappy lyrics like:

“fuck it, I’m buzzing like a delivery from killer bees”

or my fav:

“Thinking you a bad bitch ’cause you hot at prom? I’ll still be dropping bombs when you’re all soccer moms”

Love this track! Check it out below. The ladies of Bad Perm have talent for days!

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