Ladies Love Lyrics: Bahamadia’s True Honey Buns

Ladies Love Lyrics: Bahamadia’s True Honey Buns

Released in 1996, True Honey Buns is the female answer to a player’s anthem for the party girl. The video depicts Bahamadia in a sea of blurred city lights as she calls up a dude, heads to a club, gets into the green room and eventually schools her girl, all while narrating from the backseat of a cab. This song always resonated with me, seeing as how I came out the womb ready to hit the club! Some people find it an empty pleasure reserved for louses and hedonists, but Bahamadia proves that nightlife is a worthwhile experience just as any other. Until a club banger which uses some ignorant bass, simplistic (yet catchy) choruses and an abundance of flesh in the video, True Honey Buns is told using Bahamadia’s sultry, creamy voice. The beat is super mellow and the lyrics tell a story far from obnoxious. It’s the perfect narrative for the party girls who survive through the week in anticipation for the weekend parties!

I’m reclinin’ out West – maxin at da ress pressed to see my cutie that
I call to come caress me desperate pooh unavailable da check dis – not
Into masturbating yo cuz that’s some other shit since I had hit a dry
Spell I figured I’d manicure my nails den out da blue I’m interrupted

Now, depending on how you choose to interpret these lyrics, they read as being very raunchy. Bahamadia discusses how she’s eager to hear from her boo thing. She doesn’t want to engage in masturbation since she has now overcome an apparent dry spell, yet she’s still giving herself a manicure. Why? Is it so she can keep her nails pretty? That’s not how I understood it. Ever wonder why female porn stars keep their nails in short French manicures even when long nails are in? Well, in an act of self love, no woman wants to scratch her kitty. Ouch.

By the bell it was Kia talkin bout Dia c’mon let’s bounce tonight
Wu-Tang performin at da Fever and I got backstage passes – VIP status
Da after party’s at the Marriott we in the night like Gladys cool I
Can do wit dat give me 45, so I can wash da pussy cat and marinade da
Body hop in mizrahi tighten up dah afro and turn to super hottie tell
You what I’ll hit you up soon as I’m ready when I see your Mitsubishi
Out front we jettin’

I guess the boo thing never ended up hollering because as soon as Bahamadia’s girl Kia hit her up, she was ready to change her plans for the night. And might I say, good for her. I’ve had people cancel on me for Saturday nights and I will fight tooth and nail to find someone or something that will give me an opportunity to go out. After all, every party girl knows its a sin to waste a Saturday night.

And how could Bahamadia possibly turn down the opportunity to see Wu-tang perform at the club? Not only that but Kia, being the wonderful friend that she is, has also managed to obtain backstage passes and a way into the after party. (Does she need anymore friends?) Bahamadia is right to doll herself and hit the night. Nothing cheers a girl up quite like a transformation from girl next door to “super hottie.” By the way, Mizarahi (as in Isaac), Mitsubishi, and The Fever (a legendary hip hop nightclub in New York, or perhaps a lesser know spot in Philly, seeing as how she is a native) are all perfect references to the 90s.

Arrived at da club like 11:45 – scenery was live – mob like a 3-2
Center outside fly riders da whole shabang you know how Philly hang
Come time nah get extravagant while I was side tracked by the glamour
And the glitz Kia was chattin’ wit a bouncer telling him we on the
List within a split second we escorted through conjestion routine
Friskin’ metal detection all’s clear as air – no question so we
Grabbed at the bar and head towards da dance section wit no hesitation

Arriving fashionably late actually means you’ve arrived on time. Passing all those gorgeous people in line like a VIP, well, that’ enough to boost anyone’s ego. Of course the first thing every party girl does is grab a drink before rushing the dance floor. You have got to keep that good tipsy feeling going.

We breeze to the back in the green room where the celebrities was at,
That’s when the propaganda began to emerge star stud events must
Trigger hoochie alerts ‘cus’ Kia went berserk, diggy low at first subtle
Body language actin’ like a flirt tongue stickin’ out with the baby doll
Pout talkin’ all loud I’m like what’s this all about … -mono-
Here come the raw maneuver lewder than imagined Kia aimin’ for
Attention strivin’ for it with a passion slips out her sarong starts
Dancing in her thongs like a bootie song was on I said “sis you know
You wrong (see) you the reason n**s be screamin’ bitches, hoes and
Tricks I don’t believe you goin’ out on that Adina Howard shit don’t you”

So, remember how I was praising Kia’s friendship? Well, things appear to have taken a turn for the worse. Homegirl is slowly morphing into a groupie, and that can be annoying for any level-headed friend. I’ve never personally witnessed a close friend doing this and I know my behavior has never reflected this. (No matter how giddy I am I always try to look bored and unimpressed). At the end of the day, I believe Bahamadia is not only annoyed, but also embarrassed by Kia’s behaviour. Nothing is more pity inducing than those chicks at the club who go wild in hopes of impressing a guy, only to be called the most foul of names.

Dig these ni***s think you hotter than the sun even if they talk to
You they wanna hit and run if you schemin’ on the cream boo you ain’t
Gettin’ none you played from the door wit dat nut sh*t you done then
She gone look at me and say “yo chill whatever, I thought you was my
Peeps” I said “I thought you was together your actions bounce on all
These chicks in here like a reflector I’m tryin’ to school you sis
Its plain that you don’t know no better – I’m not the one to judge so
Do what you gotta do but it ain’t what you do its how you do it…”

You had to know Bahamadia was going to school Kia. And she spits quite a bit of wisdom (which is what makes this so much better than your average club banger). Basically, what Bahamadia is trying to say is yes, its okay to be sexy, especially in a sex-driven environment like a nightclub. However, there is no reason to throw your self respect and dignity on the dancefloor to be stomped on by some guys. At the end of the day, regardless of who the most naked chick in the club is, the one who is composed and self assured will always be the one who is most desired.

True honey buns wanna have fun unlike a chick who settle for the hit
And run, yeah to all the girls do what you gotta do but it ain’t what
You do its how you do it…

Once again the chorus reminds us: go out, have fun, wear your party girl title proudly. But respect yourself and don’t wind up some random guy’s used piece of meat. A party girl is a queen like every other woman, and she deserves so much better than that.

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