The 1st Ever DJ’s United Conference

The 1st Ever DJ’s United Conference

In Indianapolis, Indiana from April 20 -22, 2012, there will be… The 1st Ever DJs United Conference!

Visit the website: http://djsunitedconference.comFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Isaac Smith 317-538-4411 or Janie Jennings 562-639-9670 from DJs United Conference LLC
Event Details: On Friday, April 20, 2012 through Sunday, April 22, 2012. Doors open at 12:00 PM. This event is presented by: Heatspinner, Nerve DJs, X Squad DJs, Coast 2 Coast DJs, Trackbangas DJs, Drum Squad DJs, Crowd Rockas DJs, Conglomerate DJs, Kymp Kamp DJs, O State DJs, Hitmenn, DJs, and Blok Club DJs.

With the industry becoming more “DIY” – Do-It-Yourself friendly, the concept of DJs United was formed by various Midwest DJ Coalitions and Record Pools in the region to support the future of the industry. Retail is decreasing, downloads are increasing, and sales are not as strong as before. The artists must create and maintain a relationship with those who have direct contact with consumers and fans… The DJ.

Be it internet, radio, club, mix tape or event DJs, every artist and professional MUST learn to support and build a harmonic and advantageous relationship with the DJ. DJs United intends to create an environment where artists and DJs can mingle, network, and experience each other’s drive and abilities to create outlets for both the artists and the DJ.

Education is a crucial element to moving both the career of the artist and DJ forward as entrepreneurs. DJs United will provide to its participants some of the nation’s top business minds that will share their knowledge and experience with attendees. Look for managers, marketing firms, digital specialists, stylists, publicists, distribution, publishers, attorneys, DJs, and agents to participate in some of the best panels of 2012.

Artists will have the chance to perform throughout the weekend. Special invited national artists will be present as well.The event is sponsored in part by: JUS Promotions and Marketing (Indianapolis); Industry Works (Chicago); Twenty4seven Magazine (National).
Sponsorships are available. Please contact Isaac Smith or Janie Jennings at the number above.

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