Hell’s Kitchen Drops Gems

Hell’s Kitchen Drops Gems

Red Cafe is probably one of the most underrated signed artists. Now a whole lot of you are gonna disagree with me and some may feel me. The rest of you may have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. But feel this, any rapper that can spit bars and shoot a video, all while ordering from the pizza spot and spreading ketchup on his fries, and still grab your attention with it all…something about that is just so New York. So in your face and proves effortless talent, which is lacking. He’s not hiding behind his Aston Martins or his trillion gold chains or designer sneakers.

Off the Hell’s Kitchen mixtape, which he snapped on, he dropped some gems and some undeniably solid shit. Check the bars:

“The girls wanna date/since the NBA lockout I’m lookin’ like steak”-“The Motto” Freestyle.

And of course he spit over Harry Fraud’s “Shot Caller” beat, which everyone I’ve spoken to agrees it def sounds like a Cafe beat, and he laid some nice-shit talkin’ down on it too.

But my fave track off of HK is one that’s brought a different Red to light. It’s another side of him that we don’t really get a look at often.

“Can You Hear Me” gives you a nice sample of the 80’s hit “Can You Hear Me Running” by Mike and The Mechanics. Red Cafe provides glimpse into his life as a storytelling piece that is more deep than anything he’s ever done. But rather than just dwell on struggle, he gives a positive tone to the track, that’s been getting great reviews because of it’s realness.

Aside from the fact that he’s signed to Bad Boy (don’t get me started on my conspiracy theories that Diddy signs hot artists so that he can steal their soul and talent so that he can push out one more mainstream hit), Cafe has a lot in store for him if he keeps pushing.

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