N.W.A. Biopic in the Works

N.W.A. Biopic in the Works

We’ve seen our fair share of documentaries and films that illustrate the beginnings of some of our favourite rappers and singers. Many a time these adaptations end up falling flat and betraying the true origins of some of the most groundbreaking artists of our time, but on occasion we do find them to be a smash hit, as was the case of Eminem’s 8 Mile back in 2002.

Let’s hope that this is the case with this film, titled Straight Outta Compton. In an interview with ComingSoon.net, rapper Ice Cube dropped tidbits on an upcoming biopic based on the rise of N.W.A. The group, originally consisting of Ice Cube, Dr.Dre, MC Ren, Eazy E and DJ Yella, made tremendous contributions to the hip hop genre and West Coast culture back in the late 80s, early 90s.

Though the project currently has no director or cast, Ice Cube seems to be working away at the script. As he told ComingSoon.net, “I’m producing it and I’m doing most of the heavy lifting but those guys have definitely participated in the interview process and just trying to get the script together. The more and more this thing starts to build up, the more and more you’ll see the guys around and involved in it.”

What do you guys think? Does it comfort you that Ice Cube is keeping the original members so involved in the project? Dr.Dre was recently quoted on casting the members’ children to play the younger versions of themselves. Should they keep it in the family or blow all their money on casting? Who would play these legends best? Stay tuned as I am sure we’ll find out more about the project in the coming months.

P.S. Today is Throwback Thursday, so here’s a little NWA to keep you going:

Straight Outta Compton

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