N.O.R.E Concert Review

N.O.R.E Concert Review

It has been 4 years since Norega released his 5th solo studio album, Noreality. Since then, he has dropped two albums with Capone: Channel 10 and The War Report 2: Report The War. Norgea has also ventured into the mixtape world, with his upcoming mixtape Crack On Steriods hosted by DJ Green Lantern due out on April 8TH. The tape serves as a sequel to Cocaine on Steroids and last year’s N.O.R.Easter . With all that being said, along with the anxious N.O.R.E fans in the crowd, I was really looking forward to seeing him perform live.

As soon I arrived at Opera House on Friday night, I quickly realized I arrived too early. No surprise there:  hip-hop shows never start on time, which means be sure to show up 2 hours after the start time. While waiting for Norega to come on stage, the show had a few opening acts. There were 15 scheduled to perform, but with the time constraint due to the show starting late, there was not enough time for all the acts to perform. I wasn’t really to disappointed about that.

After waiting for about 2 hours, as expected, Norega hit the stage. First, Norega greeted the crowed by saying “Canada does not disappoint when it comes to the green stuff”. As the show went on, the crowd began to grow, but still remained intimate. Norega quickly hyped up the crowd with classics like: Capone N Norega “Y’all Don’t Wanna”, “Nothing” and “Super Thug” and, without fail, the crowd went nuts singing along to “Superthug”. Norega also performed his new single “Leggo” featuring Busta Ryhmes , Waka Flocka, and The Game.

My favourite part of the show was when N.O.R.E gave some shine to one of Raekwon’s new artists, Genghis Khan, who is signed to Raekwon’s label Ice H20. It was nice to see N.O.R.E support up-and-coming Toronto talent.

NO.R.E finished off the show with “Nothing”, also letting the crowd know before leaving the stage that he loves Toronto.

The ultimate highlight for me was after the concert, when Bad Perm got to a sit down with N.O.R.E and asked him a few questions about the upcoming mixtape Crack On Steroids and why he became vegan. Look out for the interview on the website soon.

Click here to check out photos from the show.

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