“Circulate” by Dominique Larue

“Circulate” by Dominique Larue


The first leak of their upcoming project, diem., is Dominique Larue painting picture over D/Will’s production of dealing with the ills of society. Taken from a sample that we’re all familiar with, but yet flipped in a way where Larue rides the beat perfectly while being clear with the point she is trying to make, we never let the dollar circulate.


Part two of their carpe. diem. series, set to be released sometime in April, is almost opposite of it’s predecessor with a more relaxed under-tone. Although they are in different states, D/Will in Missouri and Larue in Ohio, the duo have been able to obtain a chemistry that shows throughout their history together. Please stay tuned because there is more to come.

circulate. http://laruewill.com/track/circulate

carpe. diem. http://www.laruewill.com

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