Throwback Thursdays: Positive K – “I Got A Man”

Throwback Thursdays: Positive K – “I Got A Man”

Who could use a nice lighthearted throwback today? Okay, let’s take a trip back to 1992 where Darryl Gibson’s radio friendly track provided young men with plenty of new lyrics to recite. Not just lyrics, but ly-rics. The kind some men spit to women in the club or on the ave trying to get some play. We’re talking about none other than Positive K’s I Got A Man. A song reminiscent of MC Lyte’s I’m Not Havin’ It on which he also appeared. Did you ever wonder who the female was on his track though? Apparently it’s Positive K! The pitch of his voice was raised to achieve his duet(s). If this truly is the case, it makes this classic even more awesome.

So here you go. Get your giggle on – The 90’s fashion in the video is just as priceless as the track. Speaking of funny, Positive K is currently pursuing a career as a stand-up comedian (just in case you were wondering where he’s at) and released a track late last year called “You Don’t Have To Lie”.

“You Gotta What? How long you had that problem?”

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