F as in Frank Vintage Clothing

F as in Frank Vintage Clothing

Opening night of NUIT BLANCHE in Toronto. I walk into this store and  my mouth drops…is this a store or an art gallery? Some creative geniuses must have put this place together.

F as IN Frank started out in Whistler, BC in 2007 by Jessie and Drew Heifts. These brothers have grown up in the world of Vintage, as their father David Heifts, was involved in the Vintage clothing business since 1969; he is considered one of the originators of the used clothes business. With their heavy influence of vintage clothing from their Dad, these guys have it running through their veins. They are passionate about family business.

As time went on, they learned the back end of the business, collecting high-end pieces, wholesaling to a wide variety of stores worldwide, to eventually opening up their own store in Whistler, BC in 2007. They provided a diverse assemblage of clothing that quickly gained them a huge following. This led to opening up another BIGGER location in Vancouver shortly after and then of course in Toronto on October 1st, 2011. 

The Heifts Brothers take pride in what they do, and it shows in the designs of their store, the products they have and they make it a point to standout as a brand. Not only are you able to have the experience at their store location, there are just as many items on their online store. So if you are looking for vintage clothing for your store, personal items for yourself, F As In Frank is the #1 option!!

You will find hundreds of vintage items, ranging anywhere from the early 1900’s to the 1990’s: from popular favourites such as high quality rock tees, flannel shirts, dresses, leather jackets, military jackets, boots/shoes, handbags, jewellery, and champion basketball jerseys, to high-end/top shelf collectible clothing and design inspiration pieces, movie rentals, and everything in between. We also stock the largest selection of vintage sports gear in Canada, including snapbacks, Starter jackets, t-shirts and deadstock gear.”

We visited the Toronto location to speak with Co-Owner/CEO Daniel Landlord Morrison (who is definitely a Toronto familiar face… i.e. RagKings). He explains to Bad-Perm his Hip hop Influence and why vintage:

BP – What kind of hip hop are you listening to/What are you into?
LL – TRAP MUSIC!!!! Waka, Young Jezzy, Three 6 Mafia you know that TRAP MUSIC!! ​LOL. I also like the Weeknd (currently playing in the store).

BP– Is your fashion influenced by what you listen to?
LL – When you’ve had access to the most exclusive gear for a VERY long time (Rag Kings), you keep it simple. I’m at the point in my life where I don’t care about what I wear…but that seems to also be the trend in fashion now. Jeans, a t-shirt and throw in a sweater from time to time.

BP– Why vintage?
LL – I dunno…it’s just what it is LOL why not?!

BP – What’s next for you Mr. Landlord?
LL – Rag Kings is still up and running and there are a couple other projects that are underway. COMING SOON.

F As In Frank, 418 Queen St. W., 647-341-6606


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